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NEW-GVS9000 2XU Pro with Phantom V10 Camera

Grande Vitesse Systems (GVS) is a Leading developer and manufacturer of ruggedized digital video recorders (VTR) and media management for the Aerospace, Animate, Audio/Video 4K & HD editing, Biotechnology, Communications, Defense, Education, Manufacturing, Medical Imaging, Mobile equipment, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, 2D/3D Stereoscopic, TV Station, and Visualization. Utilizing their broad experience they have created a series of configurations including complete hardware and software systems that are self-contained in industrial flypack cases.

GVS has specialized in enhancing digital collaboration since the 1980’s, and recognizes the importance of high-quality video capture as a key element in the advancement of video server technology. The GVS9000 2XU 4:4:4 VTR Rugged Digital Film Recorder delivers high quality film record and playback for field and studio settings. Combining dual video channels, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with hardware level secure media storage and vast storage capability in a compact 2U rack space you get the greatest production efficiency possible. You can shoot RAW footage all day without interruption or fear of running out of hard drive space. With a storage capacity of 64,000 gigabits and hot-swappable drives with RAID level 5 protection, the GVS 90002XU can transfer massive amounts of data at incredible speeds.

The 2XU VTR coupled with a high-speed digital camera such as Vision Research’s Phantom v10, allows you to capture HD quality footage like never before. Motion and details that were otherwise invisible to the human eye, like individual water drops splashing out of a glass after an ice cube has been dropped inside, or the graceful movement of a white dove as it glides through the air, come to life with slow motion

Recording in ultra slow motion requires significantly higher frame rates than normal cinematic cameras produce. While most cinematic cameras use a standard exposure rate of 24-120 frames per second, GVS and John Lund made the most of the advanced high-speed capabilities of the Phantom v10, which can record at any frame rate from 500 to 2000 fps in increments of one frame-per-second at HD resolution. Radically adjustable frame rates create seamless control of duration, time and speed, enhancing storytelling elements and capabilities through crisp imagery and fluid movements.

GVS recently partnered with John Lund who specializes in shooting stock photos including a mix of funny animal pictures with anthropomorphized pets and concept stock photos for business and consumer communications. Using the GVS9000 2XU VTR and the Phantom camera, his introduction to shooting slow motion video produced some extraordinary results.

“Whether it was a water balloon bursting and leaving a teardrop shaped body of water hanging, seemingly frozen in the air, a cat twisting to land on it's feet, or a woman's hair undulating in the wind, the Phantom allowed us to see things as we had never seen them before,” said John Lund of John Lund Stock Photography. “The GVS9000 VTR gave us the capability to quickly see our captures and make adjustments without interruption in our flow. It is hard to stress how important that is for both our creative process and the bottom line.”

The 2XU 4:4:4 VTR is immediately deployable with GVS Video Tools productivity software for ingest, slow-mo 1-2K playback frame, and the ability to offer RAW uncompressed playback during recording and provides the ability to create breathtaking special effects by controlling rate and exposure time in fine increments. Footage captured by the Phantom camera to the 2XU VTR retain all of the color, depth, and hyper-detailed movement, and the ability to capture slow-motion images at speeds of 1,000 frames-per-second in full high-definition truly sets this product apart from any other high-speed digital video solution on the market today.

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