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9000 VTR Interface Option:

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GVS PCI-e 8x 4GB Fibre Interface GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - GVS Optical Fibre Interface - Specifiacations

4GB, 8GB or 10GBT Fibre Optical Interface

GVS9000 VTR, Metropolis Media Server and GVS9000 Router

Dual Fiber Connection Despite its outstanding HD image-capturing capability, the cable connections of the GVS9000 remain extremely simple and clean.This is due to the implementation of an all-digital transmission system incorporating the latest optical technology. The result is a ‘single-cable’ transmission system that carries all required uncompressed data requirement up to 4Gbit/sec, 8Gbit/sec or 10Gbit/sec this insures that all the data capture direct from the Camera or tape deck are at its best quality without dropping single frame
Full-bandwidth 1080p, 4:4:4 HD RGB, 2K and 4K signal are supported using optical fibre option.
Uncompressed signals from the camera to the 9000VTR processor and then records them to the Nomadic Storage Media over Optical Fibre Interface.