Grande Vitesse Systems GVS90001U-IS SPEC

GVS Broadcast Automation Software Solution Features

Maximum Number of Streams
Preset between one and ten program streams that BASS will control
Stream To Edit
Select a specific stream so that you can edit its parameters.
Select the video output device that will be used to play back your media files.
Set the playback mode of your chosen video output device.
Mirror Video
Show your playback video in a window on the desktop. With the video size popup you can set the size of the desktop video window.
Stop Event
When executed, GVS BASS will pause on this event until it is either triggered by a GPI input or a start time of the next event.
Load Log Event
When executed, GVS BASS will immediately search for the last saved log, open it in the play list and immediately air the first event in the log.
Trigger Stream Event
When executed, the "Trigger Stream..." event will cause GVS BASS to trigger the stream selected in the trigger stream dialog. This can be used to have one play list control the execution of another play list.
Fire GPI Event
When executed, GVS BASS will trigger
the appropriate GPI output. Note that
the GPI command can be used either to turn on, turn off, or momentarily fire the GPI output.
Media File Event
When executed, GVS BASS will play the media file (typically a QuickTime movie) out the selected video output device.

Edit Log Window
The edit log window can be used to display and edit any log excluding the current on-air logs (the On-Air logs can be edited in the on-air window). Up to 9 edit log windows can be open at once, in addition to the
On-Air log window.
Cut and Paste Editing
Single or multiple events can be cut and pasted anywhere in a log. The event you selected and all events following it will be moved down in the log and the events you are pasting will be inserted into the log at that point.
Controlling Event Timing
Timing of events is critical to any on-air delivery system. GVS BASS allows for the flexible control of timing of events.
Event Length
Event lengths (the duration of the event) can be entered after the events themselves are entered into the log.

Comment Event

The user can enter a comment line in the log of events. This would be useful for identifying information such as the time that this next break would be airing.

Maximum Number of Streams
Event Scheduled Time
The "Scheduled" time column allows you to enter a scheduled time for an event to occur in two different ways as follows:
Exact Event Scheduled Time
By entering an exact scheduled time for an event, you can instruct GVS BASS to jump to that event at a precise time. When the current time is greater than or equal to the scheduled time, then GVS BASS will air the event.
"Update To" Event Scheduled Time
An update time in an event will cause GVS BASS to jump to that event only when the previously airing event has completed and
GVS BASS is attempting to air the next event.
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16xHD Live
The chart below is designed to provide viable information for calculating the storage requirements for your production environment based on 4.0TB storage and the total hours it delivers at different compression rates. It also gives a breakdown of how much storage you will need for 48 hrs. of video at these compression rates.
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