Item# SSS-100

Storage Sub System (SSS)

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Product Description

GVS Storage Sub Systems GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - Nomadic1U - Technical Specifications

Accelerate your disk intensive applications with the GVS 9000 Storage Sub System (SSS). This blazingly fast Mac based hardware and software product will turn your GVS9000 workstation into a graphics monster.

Video, audio, animation, graphics and other application will execute faster than you ever thought possible. SSS is ONLY available with the GVS9000 1U, 2U, 4U Power MAC G4 product line.

Although the GVS9000 SSS will not be sold separately, current owners of the GVS9000 workstation can request an upgrade. GVS is currently shipping the GVS9000 SSS in 100MB, 200MB, 300MB, 500MB, and 1GB sizes.