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Product Description

GVS90002U P4/Xeon or Option AGP 8X Graphics Rugged Battlefield Management Rack Workstation/Server

The GVS9000 2U Entry Server and Workstation delivers essential features for rugged environmental application, such as 4GB Error-Correcting Code (ECC) DDR memory capacity, Serial ATA Hardware RAID, and dual server network connections. It also supports one Intel® Pentium® 4, or Dual Xeon as well as Dual AMD Opteron processors, with Hyper-Threading Technology and contains Server System Infrastructure (SSI) components for power, reliability, and flexibility.

The GVS9000PC P4 Server and Workstation system is ideal for rugged mobile in pedestal and rack server solutions, including ideal Graphics display workstation, with high speed graphics option's GVS offers, file (storage) that can deliver speed of over 300MB/sec and storage capacity of up 4TB in 2U rack space.


GVS9000 2U P4 Base System - Features

Features Benefits
Support for one Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with a system bus of up to 800 MHz and Hyper-Threading Technology Excellent processing performance for rugged graphics workstation and server applications
Intel® 875P chipset with Intel® Performance Acceleration Technology Reduced latency for quick response
Two integrated server network connections (one PRO/100+ Server Network Connection and one PRO/1000 XT Server Network Connection) Added reliability with options for separate subnets, teaming, fail-over w/ option of 4x10/100/1000B-T
Multiple data buses including a Communication Streaming Architecture (CSA) Provides a dedicated link to the PRO/1000 XT Server Network Connection for rapid network communication
Support for up to 4 GB of Error-Correcting (ECC) DDR400 memory through four DIMM sockets High availability and data integrity through ECC, memory capacity to support demanding graphics and server applications
Two integrated Serial ATA ports with support for RAID levels 0 and 1** Advanced data protection with up to 150 MB/sec throughput per drive using Serial ATA hard drives
Total of six with four additional Serial ATA ports with support for RAID levels 0, 1, and 10 Striping performance without sacrificing mirroring data protection (through RAID level 10) or PCI slot
Three 32-bit/33MHz PCI slots Expansion flexibility
Integrated ATI RAGE* XL SVGA PCI video controller and AGP 8X slot High-quality video without the need for a video adapter card, or AGP video with an AGP card
Heceta* management controller and LANDesk* Client Manager-based management solution Proactive monitoring and remote server management for maximum availability
Three-year limited warranty Peace of mind with option to upgrade to 24/7 and advance replacement option

GVS9000 2U P4 Base System

Processors Supported
Intel® Pentium® 4 processors with a system bus of up to 800 MHz and Hyper-Threading Technology
System Memory
Memory Capacity Four DIMM sockets for up to 4 GB of unbuffered ECC DDR 400 memory
Memory Type Unbuffered ECC DDR400 SDRAM 72-bit, 184-pin gold-plated DIMMs
DIMM Sizes 512MB, 1GB
Memory Voltage 2.5 V only
Error Detection Corrects single-bit errors, detects double-bit errors (using ECC memory)
Integrated On-board
Chipset Intel 875P with Intel® Performance Acceleration Technology
Optional 4-port Serial ATA RAID Controller On-board Promise* Technology SATA150TX4 4-Port Serial ATA RAID controller configurable to RAID level 0, 1, or 10
Dual Network Connections One PRO/100+ Server Network Connection and one PRO/1000 XT Server Network Connection
Graphics ATI* Rage* XL SVGA PCI video controller with 8 MB of video memory
Super I/O Controller SMSC* LPC47M172 I/O controller
CSA Port Communication Streaming Architecture port providing a dedicated link to the Intel PRO/1000 XT Server Network Connection Rapid network for rapid network communication
PCI Three 32-bit/33MHz PCI slots
Serial ATA Two ports supporting RAID levels 0 and 1 with an option for an additional four ports supporting RAID levels 0, 1, and 10
IDE Two EIDE channels for a total of four IDE devices
USB Two stacked USB connectors for a total of four at the rear panel, one internal front-panel USB header to provide two USB ports
Serial Ports Two serial ports: one asynchronous 9-pin RS-232C, one via 10-pin internal header
Floppy Controller 1.44 MB, 2.88 MB, 3-mode support
Keyboard/Mouse Two PS/2 ports, 8240A-compatible
Management Solution
Hardware Heceta* management controller
Software LANDesk* Client Manager 6.3
Remote Management LAN access to system status, logs, configuration data, and utilities, without the need for a remote-management card
Server Monitoring To monitor temperatures, voltages, and fans
Server Troubleshooting Event filtering and proactive alerting via LAN

Tested Operating Systems
Microsoft* Windows* 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows Server* 2003, Microsoft Windows XP, Red Hat* Linux* 8.0
System BIOS
BIOS Type 8Mb Flash EEPROM with AMI* BIOS, Multiboot BBS (BIOS Boot Specification) 1.4-compliant
Special Features Serial console redirection, Plug and Play, IDE drive autoconfigure, SMBIOS 2.3.1, ECC/Parity support, multilingual support
Jumpers & Front-panel Connectors
Jumpers BIOS Configuration
Front-panel Connectors SSI-compliant connector with power LED, 2xUSB NIC activity LEDs, power on/off switch, reset switch
Server Board Style ATX
Server Size 16.85"Wx3.5"Hx26.00"D
Power Requirements
Power Supply ATX 12V- or EPS 12V-capable
+5V 7.06A maximum continuous current
+5V Standby 1.5A minimum continuous current
+12V 5.0A maximum continuous current
+3.3V 12.0A maximum continuous current
-5V 0A maximum continuous current
-12V 0.25A maximum continuous current
Ambient Temperature7 Operating (system): 10C to 35C; non-operating/storage (system): 40C to +70C ambient
Relative Humidity Non-operating: 95%, non-condensing at 30C
Safety Compliance
Europe EN60950;CE Mark-EU Directive 73/23/EEC
International IEC60950
Russia GOST R 50377-92 (GOST-R Mark)
United States and Canada UL/CUL 950-CSA 950 (UL Recognition Mark)
EMI Verification
Based on a board configured in a compatible Intel host system.
Australia/New Zealand Verified to AS/NZS 3548, Class A C-tick Mark)
Canada Verified to ICES-003, Class A
Europe Verified to EN55022 (Class A) and EN55024 (CE MarkEU Directive 89/336/EEC)
International/Japan Verified to CISPR-22/VCCI, Class A
Korea RRL Certification to MIC Notices 1997-41 & 1997-42
Russia Verified to GOSTR 29216-91, GOSTR 50628-95 (GOST-R Mark)
Taiwan Verified to BSMI 13438, Class A (DOC)
United States Verified to FCC, Class A