Item# GVS9000-P426-S02

Rack Mount Chassis  


Nomadic VI RAID  

Internal Drive  


Graphics Cards  

Optical Drive  

SCSI/Fibre PCI Card  


Operating System Installation and Configuration  

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Product Description

GVS9000 2U or 4U Rackmount Chassis with
Intel Motherboard and P4 Processors

GVS9000 has developed a line of high performance workstations that will suit the most demanding
Rendering, Editing and digital graphics professional. GVS eliminate the bottleneck of your
production workflows and which allows for greater creative collaboration and increased productivity

Chipset Intel chipset
Processor (Optional) Intel 2.5GHz - 3.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor 128-Bit
Cache 512K Level 2 Cache per Processor
Memory 512 RDRAM(Optional) PC400-800 Dual-Channel RDRAM memory up to 8GB
Video Interface (Optional) 128MB Supports 4x and 8x AGP
Network 10/100BT and (Optional) Single or Dual Fibre or Copper Gigabit Interface
RAID System  (Optional) 140GB-20TB Nomadic Fibre RAID System
CD-RW Drive x CD-RW 32xCD (Optional) Super Drive DVD-R+CD-RW Plays DVD/CD
Storage 40GB Ultra ATA/100/66 Hard Disk (Optional)
Metropolis 100BT @ 9.5MB/sec 1000BT @ 40MB/sec to Metropolis (CALL)
Removable Drive  (Optional) 250MB Zip Internal, Firewire, and SCSI
Archival (Optional)Nomadic LTO Archival System 800GB-28TB see on-line demo
GVS DAM (Optional)Content Management over 150 different file types see on-line demo
Fibre Inter (Optional) Single or Dual 200MB Fibre Interface Shared Storage SAN/RAID
PCI Slots 4x PCI slots
Power Supply (Optional) 350W to Dual 650W Power Supply
USB Two USB controllers with 4 USB ports
Audio One Creative Labs SoundBlaster PCI 128 Audio
Keyboard PS2 Pro Keyboard & Mouse
Media CD-ROM with software drivers, warranty, Product Guide
Software CD-ROM containing product documentation and (Optional) Software Suite (Optional) Operating System WIN/Linux/Solaris x86.
Warranty One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty Included, GVS offers full
extended warranty w/ 24/7 On-Site as well as Phone and e-mail Support