Item# G04287151500

PowerMAC G4 Processer:


GVS 9000 PowerMAC Rack Mount Chassis:


SSS Hardware & Software:


19 Inch Rack Mount Railing Kit:


Internal UltraSCSI320/160 Hot-Swap drive bay:


Internal UltraATA100/133 drive bay:




Internal Drive:


Internal Hardware RAID (0,1,3,5 and 0+1):


AGP 4X Graphics Support:


PCI Graphics Support:


Flat Panel LCD Displays:


PCI Interface Card:


2nd Internal Optical Drive:


Front Access to FireWire USB Interface :


High-Speed Modem or Serial :


Keyboard Language:


Operation System:


GVS H/W & S/W Warranty Service Plan:

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Product Description

GVS9000 4U PowerPC G4 Dual 867MHz 133MHz bus GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - GVS9000 4U PowerPC G4 - Technical Specifications

GVS 9000 4U Dual 867Hz PowerPC G4 133MHz system bus w/Apple OS 9/X and Linux in a 4U Rack Mountable Chassis

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