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November, 2012

Grande Vitesse Systems Partners with Weill Cornell Medical School on a Custom Storage System for Microscopy Images

November, 2012 – San Francisco, CA – Grande Vitesse Systems (GVS -, a leading developer and manufacturer of one of the most cost- effective, high-speed and secure storage solutions for your needs. GVS units allow users with different requirements to have dedicated access to media at high speeds, from a single Gigabit to 10Gbit, with well designed storage and easy management. OS X, Windows and Unix users are all able to access a centralized storage with multiple 10Gbit speed as the file and volume levels share media over 8GB fibre.

The process begins with high speed Nomadic 4U Storage Media with Metropolis 1500 via Multiple Fibre channel network direct. Metropolis is able to route both 8GB Fibre and 10GBit as SAN and NAS storage. Nomadic 4U is built with intelligent web base Hardware RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 redundant hot-swap controller with a 4x8GB Interface to each of the 4480 controllers, delivering an aggregated speed of 6.4Gbit/sec. with ease of use, seamless integration and management with high availability.

Dr. Ryan Schreiner, director of a microscope group in the Department of Ophthalmology at the Weill Cornell Medical School, uses the GVS Metropolis Server and Nomadic 4U Storage, connected via GVSAN and sharing high-speed, over their network for large imaging projects. Dr. Schreiner writes that, "For our microscope group we worked with GVS to build a custom system for data storage. We do a lot of confocal/live imaging and generate large data sets. The GVS storage system has kept all of our numerous image files safe and quickly accessible for several years without any issue."

With this technology you have complete security, redundancy and cluster design for your entire storage media. GVS Units also feature the ease of setting up different users with different volume, folder and file access. Additionally, each specific storage capacity has built in time-line for the backup if you have to move storage off-site, backup, or archive. GVS Nomadic 4U has all of the tools in place to execute storage, transfer and time-line backup with a simple web interface and a single push of a button.

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