GVS9000 1U PowePC G4 1-GHz 167MHz bus GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - GVS9000 4U PowerPC G4 - Technical Specifications

Processor 1-GHz PowerPC G4 Processor
Cache 1MB of level 3 cache and 256K Level 2 per processor-total of 2MB
Memory 1024 MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM + SSS = Total of 1.5GB Max: 4 GB
Video AGP 4X slot NVIDIA GeForce4 MX dual- 64MB SDRAM 1920x1200
Network Built in 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet (RJ-45). networking
SSS-500 ($495 Value) 500MB of GVS 9000 Storage Sub System @ 200MB/sec
Optical Drive Combo Drive (DVD/CD-RW) Optional Apple Super Drive-DVD-R

60 Ultra ATA/100 7200 RPM, 120GB, 180GB, 250GB, 300GB Optional up to 5x Hot-SWAP UltraSCSI @ 240MB/sec access or ATA/100
80GB Ultra ATA/100 (7200 rpm), 120 GB Ultra ATA/100 (7200 rpm), 180GB Ultra ATA/100 (7200 rpm), 250GB Ultra ATA/100 (7200 rpm),300GB Ultra ATA/100 (5400 rpm), 36GB Ultra160 SCSI (15,000 rpm), 72GB Ultra160 SCSI (15,000 rpm), 146GB Ultra160 SCSI (10,000 rpm)
Optional SCSI interface to UltraATA Drive Bay (JBOD RAID)

Exp. Drive Bay 8x3.5" = 8 Drive Bay and Apple Super DVD/RW
PCI Slots 4 x PCI Slot 64-bit, 33-MHz PCI slots
Firewire FireWire 800 Ports In the back and 2 in the front 400mpbs; one 4pin to 6pin (w/DV Camcorder Cable) w/Firewire/USB Brige Option
USB Ports 1xUSB Ports in the back and 4 in the front (12mpbs each) w/Firewire/USB Brige Option
Sound Sound speaker minijack (16 bit)
Keyboard Apple Pro Keyboard & Mouse
Media Two Apple DVD-R, Two CD-R w/ SuperDrive Option
Software GVS 9000 SSS-100 Storage Hardware & GVS Backup Software for SSS-100, Mac OS 9.2 iTunes, iDVD, iMovie 2, QuickTime 4, Explorer, Outlook, Netscape. Palm Desktop, FAXstf, and MAC OS 9/X Update
Warranty One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty Included, GVS offers full
extended warranty w/ 24/7 On-Site as well as Phone and e-mail Support with Specific Graphics/Audio/Multimedia Applications
Pro. Dim. 7" x 19" x 21"(H x W x D)
Frigth wt./dim

40 lb / 21.00" x 11.00" x 25.00" (W x H x D)

Prower Req. 100V-125V AC or 200V-240V AC 400W
All GVS 9000 components are fully tested and verified by Authorized engineers