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GVS9000 4U Dual Intel Xeon Processor Motherboard:


19 Inch Rack Mount Railing Kit:


Nomadic V U320/160 SCSI Hot-Swap Drive Bay:


Nomadic VI 2GB Fibre Drive w/ Drive Bay:


Internal Drive:




AGP Graphics Support:


PCI Graphics Support:


Internal Optical Drive:


2nd Internal Optical Drive:


Internal Floppy Drive:


PCI Interface Card:


High-Speed Modem:


High-Speed Modem:


Operation System:



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Product Description

GVS90004U Dual Xeon System GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - GVS90004U Xeon - Technical Specifications


GVS9000 VIDEO GRAPHICS Provides Next-Generation Performance for 2-4 XEON IN A 4U RACK MOUNTABLE SYSTEM UP TO 24 HOT-SWAP RAID

GVS is a leading manufacturer of Managed Storage, Workstation and Server Systems delivering 99.9999% availability from 1Mbit-3.2GBit/sec.

All GVS 9000 components are fully tested and verified by Authorized engineers.

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I/O Expansion:

  •     Gigabit and 1x100/10B•T
  •     PCI-e
  •     SATA Interface
  •     U320 SCSI
  •     Fibre Storage
  •     2x PCI-x
  •     2x PCI-e
Health Monitoring:
  •     Monitoring the voltages of the CPU core and the status of system power
  •     CPU/chassis temperature monitoring
  •     CPU fan auto-off in sleep mode
  •     CPU overheat LED header (front panel)
  •     Chassis intrusion detection (through LDCM)
  •     Support for system management software (LDCM)
Special Features:
  •     Suspend to RAM (STR): All tasks are stored in RAM and can be resumed within 10 seconds from the minimum power consuming suspend mode.
  •     Wake-on-LAN allows for remote network management and configuration of the GVS9000, even in off-hours when the system is turned off. This reduces the complexity of managing a network.
  •     Onboard 3-phase switching power regulator supports CPU core voltages from 1.1-1.85 volts
  •     4  tachometer fan connectors for CPU, chassis, and thermal control fans
  •     Keyboard wake-up from Soft-off
  •     CPU frequency settings - changeable in BIOS setup
  •     Connector for LED overheat indicator
  •     Overheat backup fan connector for CPU protection