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GVS offers totally custom integrated and implemented systems with all hardware and software necessary to meet your expectations: a continuous 24/7 operation. These systems¡¦ design combines the highest reliability with an optimum quality of service.

Defining the right solution¡K
Work with a GVS application manager to find the right balance between functions, bandwidth, speed, calibration, budget and corporate image needs.

Custom Design consulting¡K
A comprehensive proposal is worked out including recommendations on shared storage, supporting shared network, panoramic displays and other monitors, types of workstations, server, archive, software, and more. To ensure that the existing equipment in your facility complements the proposed equipment, an integration engineering study is done.

Factory Acceptance Testing¡K
Satisfactory completion of testing at GVS¡¦ San Francisco lab insures that not only our products are performing at their best, but most importantly, the integration of all software and hardware components is successful. At this point the system is ready for final implementation at the customer¡¦s site.

Turnkey implementation¡K
On-site installation of all hardware and software is provided. A lot of energy is put into software integration and its interface to assure the client best possible balance of use.

On-site training¡K
A comprehensive custom training program is scheduled for all operators and system administrators, covering configuration, operation and basic maintenance.
The following are solutions that are offered by GVS

• Custom Systems for U.S Army, Air Force, Navy, Federal Aviation Administration, Missile Defense Agency Training Simulation, Naval Undersea Warfare Division, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics C4 Systems.

• NEW-FlyPack: Complete on location recording, playback, and edit SD, HD, 2K or 4K in rugged rack 8TB RAID storage, 1U, 20.1¡¨ display, PIP, NTSC/PAL, SDI, and power manager.

• GVSXtreme Live: Multiple Streaming with Windows Media, QuickTime, Helix, Sorenson, and Flash for real-time event, TV show, education, security, broadcast, and marketing.

• Aerospace: Visualization and rugged rackmount product solutions for airlines.

• Ad Agencies: Branding and marketing products solutions.

• Army, Air Force, Navy, Defense Security, and Military Applications.

• Medical Imaging: Virtual capture and distribution of content.

• Broadcast Industries: Shared DV to HD, Play to Air, storage, workstation, and video media server.

• Education: Calibration of shared media within entire campus from print to video server.

• Cooperate In House Production: Media server, visual display, and edit systems.

• Photography: Visualization, capture, and secure shared storage solutions.
• Museum: Rugged storage and mobile workstation from dual to quad high resolution video output.

• Movie Industry: Capture, view, edit, share, and calibrate 2K to 4K shared media, render nodes, 3DFX, animators, and video producers.

• Printing Industries: Shared storage, panoramic display, and edit real time with high res images.

• TV Station: Edit, share, Play to Air, and archive solutions.

• Audio Industries: ProTools, mobile high speed shared storage, and compact rugged workstations.

• Nomadic SAN Router: Multi-protocol storage connectivity, iSCSI, iFCP, FC, and ethernet true FC routing for maximum scalability for OSX, Windows, and Linux.

• Nomadic SAN 9000 Enterprise Switch: Highest port count available 256 ports, 190 Km distance, 10Gb/s, 14U, 99.999% availability, 2GB, 4GB, and 10GB FC Full duplex.

• Technical Information: Software and hardware white pages, write-ups, and setup information.


For hard drive capacity measurements, 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less by 5% base on OS. Weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process. GVS custom configures each FlyPack based on customer specification. Each unit goes through an extensive burn-in period prior to shipment. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Above specifications may change without notice. FlyPack designed and manufactured in the U.S. by GVS-Grande Vitesse Systems Inc.


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