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Product Description

GVS9000 Surveillance GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - GVS9000 Surveillance - Technical Specifications

GVS9000 Surveillance System

GVS9000 Quick And Easy System Integration
The GVS9000 Surveillance allows you to expand your traditional surveillance system, existing IP network, and Nomadic digital Nomadic storage devices or Nomadic Network Attached Storage (NAS) - can be assigned to store your video files) to install a complete, up-and-running digital environment.
Convenience Of System Expansion
Escape the problems of cabling and issues of where to place devices - distributed IP surveillance architecture offers you the perfect solution. Flexibility, scalability and expandability are all key elements in the GVS9000 system, and to enlarge the surveillance area, all that is required is to connect additional GVS9000 units. In essence, wherever your IP network is, so is your surveillance system.
GVS9000 Operation via IE Browser
Access various kinds of surveillance functions can be easily accessed via an IE browser (GVS9000 does not support use of any other browser at present), as well as complete system configuration and management.

GVS9000 offers an array of advanced features to ensure total convenience. Unlike DVR devices that only offer a few web functions, the GVS9000 actually allows users to do manage the complete surveillance system on a web interface. Just a few clicks on the configuration page, and the administrator can redirect the recorded video to another location should the original Nomadic storage be temporarily full. A web playback function allows remote viewing of recorded video images, no matter where he/she may be.
Excellent Monitoring And Recorded Video on the LAN
With a GVS9000 IP surveillance server, slow-action live video and delayed DVR recorded images are things of the past. Since the GVS9000 is designed to fit into the existing IP network, the video compression and multicast technology inside allows users to be free of network bandwidth issues while still delivering excellent monitoring and recording video capabilities.
Flexible Nomadic storage Management
GVS9000 frees you from the chains of traditional storage brought to you by DVR. Traditional DVR storage limitation issues simply disappear, as an administrator can assign any Nomadic storage device to store video distributed by any individual GVS9000. Users can decide the appropriate Nomadic storage size of the device based on individual requirements. Users can also choose to manage the recorded video in one single location or in multiple locations, providing the ultimate in flexibility.
Additional Security via Configurable User Right Management
The GVS9000 allows administrators to fully configure surveillance on viewing channels, playback channels and PTZ camera control, as well as configure the settings for each individual user.
Central Surveillance Management Support For Multiple Servers
The optional Surveillance Master application can operate the central surveillance management and can be operated from anywhere on the network. With the distributed surveillance system architecture offered by the GVS9000, there is no sacrifice on the fundamental requirements of a surveillance system where security is paramount.
Once Surveillance Master is fully installed, the application will automatically detect all the GVS9000 units within the network. The administrator can use this application to configure the system settings of all servers rather than setting each server up individually. Additionally, each supervisor can use this tool to select the desired monitoring camera(s) without worrying about which server the camera is connected to.

Technical Specification
  • Video Input
    4 channel BNC composite video input
    NTSC/PAL auto sensing
  • Video Resolution
    Up to 640x480
  • Web-based Multiple Video Monitoring Mode
    Single Channel
    Multiple Channel
    Sequential Mode
    Picture-In-Picture Mode
    Full Screen Mode
  • Multiple Video Recording Mode
    Continuous Recording
    Scheduling Recording
    Event-triggered Recording
  • Web-based Video Playback
    Time-based video search
    Multiple playback speed (normal speed, fast speed up to x 16, slow speed up to 1/16)
    Web-based manual snapshot
  • Video Compression
  • Motion JPEG and JPEG
  • Video Distribution
    Multicast support
  • Video Nomadic storage
    Support remote Nomadic storage including NAS/Window File Server/Linux File Server/UNIX File Server/FTP Server
  • Motion Detection
    Multiple detection area and adjustable sensitivity level
    Pre/Post video recording setting for motion triggered recording mode
  • Web-based Control
  • Internet explorer with Active-X support
  • Web-based system management
    -System setting
    - Network setting
    - Security setting
    - User management
    - Camera setting
    - Recording/Snapshot setting
    - Event handling
    - Statistics and logs
    - System tool for software
    maintenance and update
  • Pre Alarm Buffer
  • Up to 30 seconds video buffer for pre alarm image Nomadic storage each channel
  • Security
  • User level password protection
  • Configurable user surveillance right on viewing channels, playback channels, PTZ camera control and configuration setting
  • Comprehensive Event Handling Matrix
  • Event Type
    - Motion detection
    - Video input loss
    - Network fail
    - System fail
    - Nomadic storage full
    - General alert input (1 to 4)
  • Event Action Type
    - Recording
    - Snapshot
    - Email
    - Voice alert
    - General alert output
  • Networking
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
    DHCP client support <
    PPPOE/DDNS support
  • Serial Port
    One RS232 for system debugging
    One RS485 for P/T/Z camera control
  • General I/O
    4 alarm inputs; 4 alarm outputs
  • System Recovery
    Auto system operation recovery after power loss recovery
  • Complementary Software
    Surveillance Finder - for finding multiple GVS9000 units within the LAN automatically and assigning the IP address manually or automatically by DHCP
    Surveillance Viewer - client application for the retrieval of recorded video directly from the Nomadic storage source
  • Operation Conditions
    Temperature: 5~50oC (40~125oF)
    Humidity: 20~80% RHG
  • Power Source
    100~240V AC, 50~60Hz
  • Metrics
    Height: 200mm
    Width: 90mm
    Length: 214.6mm
    Weight: 3Kg