Item# N0AV0120FW

Three SATA 150 Software RAID System:


Hardware RAID 1:

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Product Description

GVS Nomadic Cube Stroage

GVS Nomadic Cube SATA

Designed with the highest quality components available, and support of three Serial ATA drives from 120GB-400GB in a half-height system, you can achieve disk space of over 1200GB at speed up to 160MB/sec with four drives striped.

This system is extremely quiet, durable and fully ugradeable by the user to support larger drives for future expansion. Other features include a complete locking mechanism for secure data and easy transport for sneaker net applications.

Hardware RAID 0 and mirror build provides a complete, secure data environment or remote storage of critical data, making it ideal for data archive.

Excellent ventilation and cooling designed with dual fan system Universal power supply
Extremely quiet unit Individual Drive status LED
Front Power switch Upgrade drive from 300GB up to 1200GB
Hot-Swap Drive Suport SATA or FireWire Interface cable and power cord