Item# N04U-12S2P25210

Dual Host SCSI320 Software RAID System:


GVS 2800S Hardware RAID Controller:


GVS 2800S RAID Controller Memory:


Power supply:


Remote management unit for diagnostics :


PCI host interface card:


19 Inch rack mount railing kit:


GVS H/W & S/W Warranty Service Plan:

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Product Description

GVS Nomadic4U-12 Bay Storage RAID GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - Nomadic4U SCSI - Technical Specifications

440GB + Storage with OS Independent supported, tested and configured for Solaris, Irix, AIX, HP-UX, SCO, NeXT, OpenBSD, FreeBSD,Microsoft WindowsWin XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win NT, Win 9x, Mac OS 9, OS X, Linux and other Unix based systems.

Available Options include:

Drive capacities of 36146GB UltraSCSI320
2x 2UltraSCSI320 Channel,
12 LED drive states indicator
Temperature Control indicator
Rear LCD states and configuration panel
12x36 GB UltraSCSI320 15K RPM drive

Dual Hardware RAID 0, 1, 3, 5 and 0+1
12 hot-swap drive bays
Hot-swap Cooling System
Dual Redundant 400W Power supplies
Software management
Fax, email, and pager notification
GVS UltraSCSI RAID 2800S Controller