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peripheral devices


Panoramic Display
Extreme High resolution and vast screen size of 54
Less than 0.75 gap between each display.
Flat panel array compatible with Apple MAC OS 9, X,
HP, SGI, SUN,and Windows.

$ 4,995  
image101.gif image108.gif $ 3,495
Apple Cinema HD Display
Up to $500 Rebate with purchase of Apple CPU
image101.gif image104.gif $ 745
Nomadic Qube DVD
DVD/RW SuperDrive with 40GB Hot-Swap Drive bay
with Firewire Host Interface

image101.gif image5.jpg $ 495
512MB @160MB/sec ideal for small video or audio production people that require small but very fast data access for Mac OS 9.X

image107.gif $ 995
Provide complete management of Metropolis, M2S2,
Nomadic and LTO Backup system not only through web
interface also through a very secure dial-up in case of
firewall or network down, will have access to the system
to perform the diagnostic as well as all the necessary
firmware updates that each module may require over time.