Item# GVS9000 2XU VTR+
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Product Description

NEW-GVS9000 2XU VTR+ March 2009

GVS-Grande Vitesse Inc. is announcing key advances with the new GVS 9000 2XU VTR+ built around the GVS9000 2XU flagship product offering much faster i/o, new 3GHz HD SDI support as well as traditional 1.4GHz HD SDI and SD SDI, with input/output and disk I/O reaching over 3.8Gbit/sec (without any expansion requirement) to sustain the highest quality uncompressed RAW and compressed HD and SD direct to disk recording.

Mr. Avanessian, VP of Marketing for GVS, indicates the key feature of the 2XU VTR+ is the ability to record and playback with both time delay and closed captioning, a requirement of all HD TV stations. This delivers significant opportunities for broadcasters to deliver their programming with a time delay option, and the ability to incorporate closed captioning in every program using industry standard formats such as VANC. Now you can record all your uncompressed media onto a single GVS9000 2XU VTR+ unit Hot-swap 6xhours uncompressed with full closed captioning, and create multiple copies without the need for an expensive deck.

Imagine if you required duplicate HD tapes as with the current market solution. You would need well over $100,000 in hardware just to be able to deliver a duplicate set of tape media.

Now with GVS9000 2XU VTR+ you’re able to ingest in RAW uncompressed media for the best possible quality. Storage is no longer an issue, GVS9000 2XU + is running on industry standard drives that are commonly available without the need for any proprietary enclosure. You can ingest thousands of hours of programming with the 2XU VTR+ using the standard 4GB fibre channel option, You are also able to connect the unit to your existing SAN or any Fibre channel storage that can deliver the bandwidth, or one of the most cost effective storage units such as the GVS Nomadic storage.

GVS also works with major software venders to provide the capability of editing your content in real time. As simply as operating a tape deck, you can ingest uncompressed RAW HD for best possible quality content to disk, have the content available to post or duplicate as many times as you need, and down or up convert in real-time with a large number of codec options without have the expense of tying up your digital deck recorders.