For Immediate Release January 31, 2001
Grande Vitesse Systems
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Grande Vitesse Systems Targets Publishing and Entertainment Industries With the Introduction of StarNet ™ : Their Explosive NEW IP Over Fiber Network Storage Architecture.

San Francisco, C.A., January 31, 2001 – Grande Vitesse Systems, a leader in end-to-end business systems solutions promises to generate a great deal of excitement in the digital storage and network communities with the introduction of their all NEW StarNet Fiber/Gigabit storage area network technologies.

StarNet benefits virtually any operation that demands transparent access to common file storage at speeds faster than the typical LAN, including streaming digital multimedia, video post production, complex large-file/multi-server workflows, and multi-system web hosts and/or file servers.

Utilizing the latest in fiber channel RAID and Gigabit technologies, True Fiber Network Topology (TNT), and their own customized SAN application, Grande Vitesse Systems’ StarNet solution delivers unparalleled performance, flexibility, and data integrity. Our failsafe and/or redundancy features enable mission critical environments the security and availability they require for their 24/7 operations.

What truly sets StarNet apart, from other SAN packages available on the market, is GVS’ unique Fiber/Gigabit integration which allows (for the first time) access to the shared/stored data volumes using standard IP (Internet Protocol) over Gigabit and Fiber. In other words, shared storage volumes can now be accessed via Fiber and/or Gigabit Ethernet simultaneously.

Network administrators now have the flexibility to allocate the appropriate network bandwidth to match the unique needs of their network clients. Clients with more data intensive tasks may be given direct fiber access, with data transfer rates of up to 3.2Gbit/Sec. Network clients with lesser data throughput requirements can be connected via Gigabit; offering 10/100/1000 Base• T access to the same data stores.

GVS’ StarNet technology leverages industry standard file system and network security implementations to ensure maximum compatibility with current and future operating systems, applications, and management software. StarNet’s open architecture allows the user to extend StarNet’s capabilities to meet specific applications, platforms, and other data/network management demands.

Information about GVS’ StarNet or other system solutions and services can be found on their web site Live demonstrations of the product are offered (by appointment) at their facility, located in San Francisco’s financial district .

Grande Vitesse Systems