Grande Vitesse Systems Metropolis Media
Server Bridges Gap between On-Air A/V and the WEB.

San Francisco, CA. April 28, 1999

Grande Vitesse Systems' (GVS) Metropolis Media Server has been designed to integrate into complex/multi-faceted production environments to bridge the gap between On-Air A/V and the Web.

GVS has developed new technologies that will have a significant impact on the media and entertainment industries; bringing together the worlds of professional (broadcast) and web based media. The Metropolis Media Server will enable media companies - for the first time - to provide instant access to any media content, to anyone, at any time, anywhere, with any device.

More Services, Lower Costs
GVS's Metropolis is a scalable, extensible software platform that allows media companies such as cable operators, broadcast and cable networks, telecommunications companies, and satellite service providers to leverage their content across multiple network transports. And that opens the door to innovative new services for customers and reduced operational costs.

For example, most media companies currently operate a professional play-out network, a corporate network, and a Web site-all separately. The Metropolis platform allows companies to leverage their content across different networks so that customers, employees or visitors to the Web site can see broadcasts or review archived clips, as well as use traditional Web services such as email and on-line shopping-all at the same time.

In addition, the Metropolis platform will make it easier for media companies to create new on-line services, such as Web-based ordering of broadcast highlights or special A/V materials.

Extend the Reach of Existing Assets
Equally important, GVS's Metropolis platform gives media companies more flexibility. The platform is based on open standards and can be applied to any production and play-out environment. It manages MPEG-2 assets and extends their reach. For example, Metropolis can acquire video assets from a satellite, a VTR, from news crews on the road, over the phone, from your own local network and more. These video assets can then be used by post/edit or graphics and played to air. They can also be indexed and archived, or transcoded and posted on the Web site.

Metropolis can also interface with traditional broadcast equipment, and GVS is working closely with third-party providers of encoders, decoders, multiplexers and other video I/O devices to further extend flexibility and choice for media companies. GVS has also developed Data Asset Management (DAM) software product to provide applications management and automation, asset management, and Web streaming solutions.

The Platform: Best of Both Worlds
The Metropolis platform combines the reliability and rich feature set found in proprietary video server systems with the choice and low cost of an open systems solution.

Metropolis services run on top of Sun's broad server product line, providing tremendous scale and reliability. Metropolis encompasses a Video Storage Manager, a guaranteed rate file system that loads and unloads data; a Video Server Session Manager, responsible for interfacing with the codecs for capture and play-out, as well as management and manipulation of video streams.

What About DAM?
GVS DAM product has been designed to integrate into complex/multi-faceted production environments for the purpose of organizing and managing digital media files (assets).

DAM is customized for each client to maximize efficiency and productivity without redefining (reinventing) our customers current workflow.

DAM is more than just a content library. It incorporates functions to coordinate the production process itself, from concept all the way through publication. This extends to workflow the same benefits centralization affords content - universal access, complete resources and vastly streamlined interaction among team members.

Who can use it?
With GVS DAM, digital and media professionals can organize, track, preview, copy, move annotate and archive virtually any type of digital media, including MPEG1, MPEG2, MJPEG, YUV422, SMPTE 259, graphics, page layout, presentation, sound and video files. Inprogress or finished work is posted directly into the system for review and approval by other team members, the editing department, and remotely located clients. Comments and approvals can be delivered from anywhere in the world, avoiding bottlenecks and stoppages caused by out-of-town travel and schedule clashes.

Why Metropolis and DAM?
Metropolis Media Server is simply the most intuitive, powerful, flexible, and cost effective media serving and asset management solution available.

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