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GVS90004U Dual AMD or Dual-Core OPTERON Processor For GRAPHICS WORKSTATION or Server

GVS is a leading manufacturer of rack-mount Server and Workstation that delivers highest speed and reliability in today's industry

GVS has developed a line of high performance server/workstations that suited for most digital professional. GVS award winning workstations contain a wide array of editing 4.4.4, audio, animation and graphics applications, and eliminate the bottleneck of workflows and with increase in productivity!

Only GVS offers the original GVS9000 Graphics Workstation high-end System with on board digital audio, triple digital/analog video interface, Fibre channel storage, and Gigabit for demanding users that require real time speed and shared SAN storage that can accelerate the production work force.

  • GVS9000: AMD® OPTERON® DUAL-CORE 200 SERIES Processor Edition 1.8-2.6GHz
  • Deliver astonishing graphics, FX 4400 realism, and responsiveness for power users
  • System: AMD Opteron ® dual-Core processor Edition 2.4GHz features Max. 2MB L2 cache 1000MHz FTB frequency, and support for HyperTransport Link width
  • Technology - excellent for high performance, graphics and content creation and server.
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 • Dual/Single or dual-core Opteron
 • Supports up to two AMD Opteron™ processors
 • Two onboard 4-phase VRMs
 • 128-bit DDR dual-channel memory controller
    (integrated in CPU)Three HyperTransport™ links support up to 8.0GB/s data transfer rate each link
 • 144-bit DDR interface (128-bit data + 16 bit ECC)
 • Scalable 32bit & 64bit computing
 • Secure computing with Nx register support
 • Supports Single and Dual Core processors
 • 128-bit dual DDR memory bus
 • Eight 184-pin 2.5-Volt DDR DIMM sockets
    - Four per CPU
 • Supports up to 16GB of Registered DDR
 • Supports ECC type memory modules
 • Supports DDR 400 / 333 / 266 memory
Expansion Slots (Total of six usable slots)
 • Dual x16 PCI Express FULL SPEED slots
     - Slot1 PCI-E x16 from nForce™ Prof. 2200
     - Slot3 PCI-E x16 from nForce™ Prof. 2050
 • Two independent 64-bit PCI-X buses
     - Slot 4 & 5: PCI-X 100 MHz max. (Bridge B)
     - Slot 6: PCI-X 133 MHz max. (Bridge A)
 • One 32-bit 33MHz PCI v2.3 (Slot 2)
Integrated I/O
 • One floppy connector supports up to two drives
 • One 25-pin parallel port connector and two serial
    (one connector, one header)
 • Five USB v1.1 ports (three rear connectors & two
 • front panel headers)
 • PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors
 • Two FireWire (IEEE 1394a) ports (one rear
 • connector and one internal connector)
System Management
 • Six 3-pin fan headers w/ tachometer monitoring
 • Four fan headers with (PWM) speed control
 • One 2-pin Chassis Intrusion header
 • Temperature, voltage and fan monitoring
Integrated LAN Controllers
 • Broadcom BCM5703C GbE controller
    - One RJ-45 LAN connectors with LEDs
    - Connected to PCI-X Bridge A
Integrated Enhanced IDE Controller
 • Two IDE dual-drive ports for up to four
    EIDE devices
 • Supports for UDMA 133/100/66/33 IDE drives
    and ATAPI compliant devices
Integrated SATA Controller
 • Silicon Image Sil3114 SATA RAID Accelerator
 • Four SATA 1.0 ports
 • Supports up to four SATA drives
 • Supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1 (optional)
Integrated FireWire Controller
 • TI TSB43AB22 IEEE 1394a PCI controller
 • Two FireWire ports (one rear connector and
    one front panel header, optional)
Integrated Audio
 • AC'97 compliant audio link
 • Analog Devices 1981B
 • One RCA SPDIF connector
 • Line-In/Line-Out/Mic-In audio jacks
 • CD-in/Aux-in connectors
 • AMI® BIOS 8.0 on 4Mbit LPC Flash ROM
 • ACPI 2.0
 • Serial Console Redirect
 • PXE via Ethernet
 • USB device boot
 • 48-bit LBA Support
Form Factor
 • SSI EEB v3.0 footprint (12"x13"; 304.8x330.2mm)
 • EPS12V/SSI (24 + 8 + 6 pin) power connectors
 • Serial (one) and parallel port (one) connectors
 • Stacked USB 1.1 (three) connectors
 • Stacked PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
 • One RJ-45 LAN connector with LEDs
 • Audio Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in jacks
 • One RCA SPDIF (Co-Axial) connector
 • One IEEE 1394A port
Regulatory/ Safety
 • FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity) certified
 • European CE (Declaration of Conformity) EN60950/IEC 60950- Compliant
USA-UL, Canada-CUL, Germany-TUV Certified, Europe/CD Mark

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

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GVS90004U Rack or Tower Dual AMD or Dual-Core 64-bit Opteron 200 Series Processor Motherboard:


19 Inch Rack Mount Railing Kit:


Nomadic V U320/160 SCSI Hot-Swap Drive Bay:


NomadicV SCSI 320 Drive w/ Drive Bay:


Nomadic VI 2GB Fibre Drive w/ Drive Bay:


Internal Drive:


Memory REG:


PCI-Exp or AGP Graphics Support:


PCI Graphics Support:


Internal Optical Drive:


2nd Internal Optical Drive:


Internal Floppy Drive:


PCI-Exp or PCI Interface Card:


High-Speed Modem:


Operation System Installed with Update:


Keyboard & Mouse:


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