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GVS NEW-Interest FMV Lease Financing

*Low Interest, Low Payments For 1st year

Very Low Percent Financing Offer, Apply Today

"Low Interest, Low Payments for 1st Year" promotion. Customers can apply for a loan today and their first payment isn't due for 30 days. This offer is available to all qualified applicants who apply for a cooperate GVS Instant Loan through GVS Direct Fanatical Services Group. Frequently Asked Equation's

0% Lease financing available on all GVS products for a limited time. Please contact GVS Financial Services or call at 415-777-0320 for more information, complete attached form for immediate approval: GVS Financing Application.

You may pay online using our secure credit card payment system, or contact Customer Service to arrange an alternative payment method.

Why Lease

Total Financing. Your lease can include costs such as software, training, installation, maintenance, sales tax, and other costs traditionally not included with bank financing.

No money down. No large down payments or cash deposits are required with your GVS Finical Service. $0 down for GVS special promotional offer with 0% interest for all GVS products. Qualified candidates would have NO payments for first 30 days, to have your equipment delivered to you.

End of term flexibility. Leasing gives you the option to take ownership of the equipment, upgrade it, extend your lease, or return your equipment if it is no longer needed.

Tax write-offs. With a Tax Lease, most businesses can write off 100% of the monthly payment as an operating expense. Also, leasing allows customers to pay for the equipment with pre-tax dollars.

Customized payments. Your lease payments can be structured to match the cash flow of your business. Leasing also offers terms longer than other forms of financing, which results in lower monthly payments.

Maximize your cash flow. Leasing allows you to preserve your cash and bank lines for other operating expenses.

Obsolescence Protection. GVS Finical Service bears the risk of technological change, which prevents you from owning outdated equipment. Upgrade provisions can be added to most leases, which are a simple way to hedge against obsolescence.

* This account offers a six month same-as-cash feature on your initial purchase if it occurs within the first six months. Your initial repayment term will start at the end of the same-as-cash period. Finance charge will accrue. If you repay your initial purchase in full by the due date of your sixth statement, we will rebate all finance charges accrued on that purchase. You may prepay at any time without penalty.

Find out more about GVS financing Service and option that are design for your business: Call Financing at:415-777-0320

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