GVS9000 1U Storage RAID GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - GVS9000 1U - Technical Specifications

GVS9000 1U PPC
GVS9000 PowerPC G5

Available options include:
- Dual 2.0GHz- 2.3GHz PowerPC® PPC970 G5 processors
- Two slot PCI-X
-Two bus slot one Dual DVI/VGA/S-Video 128MB DDR RAM
- Flash RAM ,SATA, or Solid State Drive
- 2GB Dual Fibre Channel, Flash Drive, Ultra SCSI 320 or SATA drive bay


Hardware RAID 0, 1, and 0+1 (Q2)
- 4 hot-swap drive bays 26" deep

- Fixed drive bays 19 " deep unit
High speed 2D/3D graphic card option
- Single 450 Watt Power supplies
- Up to 16GB memory DDR400 8 DIMM
Dual to 8x10/100/1000BASE-T option
- Software/hardware management

Single or Dual Power Supply:



GVS offering the lowest profile PowerPC G5 1U RACK system available to day in less 19" deep rack sapce. With processor speed of 2.0GHz or 2.3GHz in only 1.75” high, the GVS90001U PPC is the only product of its kind that offer the option you need for a rugged, compact, fast and quite application .

The GVS9000 PowerPC comes with your choice of 2.0GHz or 2.3GHz PowerPC G5 PPC970 processors running at speeds of up to 30 gigaflops, 1MB of dedicated L3 cache memory per processor
with up to 8GB/s throughput, two full-length 64-bitPCI-X slots for up to 533MB/s throughput, and up to 16GB of DDR SDRAM. Plus optional 4 drive bays holding up to 2000GB of disk space using hot-plug GVS Nomadic Drive Modules, Quad Gigabit Ethernet, Dual 2GBFibre and the complete suite of robust, standards-based network services in OSX, and Linux operating systems.

In the case of the dual 2.3GHz PowerPC models however, we’ve taken efficient data access one step further with RAM suport up to 16GB, storage of up to 2TB with optional 10,000 RPM hot-swap, ideal for High Performance Computing (HPC) in scientific and technical environments, as well as for workgroup clusters and render farms. The G5 processor’s superscalar, superpipelined architecture supports up to 215 simultaneous in-flight instructions with a high-bandwidth execution core offering over 12 discrete functional units, including dual floating-point units and dual integer units, to process immense instructions in parallel — and of course, with 64-bit precision on 64-bit wide data paths. And by subtracting the components better suited to server or high-end rugged workstation tasks .

Part Number
Model Number
Memory GB
L3 Cache
Optical Drive
Graphics Card
Internal Storage
Power Supply
GM1U2G502DB02 GVS90001UPPC G5-Dual 2-2.3GHzPCC 2.0-8.0 1MB DVD/R DVI/VGA 80GB-2000GB
GM1U2086715180 GVS90001UR G5-Dual 2.0GHz 2-8 1MB DVDR DVI/VGA 80GB


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