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 If you have the talent, we have the tools. GVS has created innovative solutions that eliminate the bottleneck of your design, creation, rendering, animation, and production workflows, allowing for greater creative collaboration and increased productivity!

GVS 9000 1U workstations: GVS has developed this line of high performance workstations to suit the most demanding Rendering, Editing and digital graphics professional. They come equipped with a wide array of editing, animation, graphics, rendering, firewall, web and email server applications.

Only GVS offers the orginal GVS 9000 1U System with on board optional 2GBit Fiber, Gigabit; perfect for demanding users that require real time speed and space to excelerate their production work force.

With GVS 9000 1U 200MB Fiber Interface you can: Create a virtual SAN environment. Share/access Data at speeds over 90MB/sec. Take advantage of virtual Video Memory that utilizes the system SDRAM for your video applicatons as well as a full 64-bit Intel bus structure for your specific I/O interface (i.e. Video Toaster, Incoder/Decoder, and any other video intensive application). Access data via 100B•T as well 1000B•T (Gigabit) at speeds that were never before possible over the network (in excess of 360MBit/sec.) In addition, you have the added benefit of the fastest storage system  that we have ever created for GVS 9000 1U, allowing data access at pick speeds of 240MB/sec and sustained Read/Write @ 90 MB/sec.


Chipset (Optional) Intel or AMD
Processor (Optional) Single or Dual 733MHz up to 1.4GHz Pentium III/IV processor
Cache (Optional) 256 KB - 2MB of level 2 cache on processor
Memory (Optional) 128MB - 2.0GB 133-MHz 133-MHz SDRAM DIMM
Video (Optional) One Onboard Integrated 4MB up 64 MB RAM 3D Graphics
Digital Video (Optional) One Digital Video Output (DVO) flat panel, digital CRT or TV-out
Network (Optional) 1-2 1000B•T, and 1-8 x 10/100B•T Interface
Storage (Optional) 1-2 40-80GB Ultra ATA100 or Ultra 160 Hard Disk
Fibre Inter (Optional) 1-2 100-200MB Fibre Interface for SAN and RAID Storage
PCI Slots (Optional) 2x full height PCI Slots available
AGP Slot (Optional) One Universal AGP 4X Connector
USB (Optional) Two USB controllers with 4 USB ports
Audio (Optional) One Creative Labs SoundBlaster PCI 128 Audio
Keyboard (Optional) PS2 Pro Keyboard & Mouse
Media (Optional) DVD/CD-ROM Drive and Slim Floppy Drive
Software (Optional) OS Supported: WIN 9X, WIN NT4, WIN 2K, Linix, Soloris
Power Supply (Optional) 250W ATX Mini Power Supply & Hot-Swap Dual Power
Dimension 1.75" (H) x 19" (W) x 24.4" (D)
Weight 28 LB
Certification FCC, CE
Warranty One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty Included, GVS offers full
extended warranty w/ 24/7 On-Site as well as Phone and e-mail Support


GVS is the leading manufacture of high end systems ranging from: the Metropolis Media Server, GVS 9000 workstation, Fiber Storage System and Backup/Archival, not to mention our Data Asset Management. We bring the standards, product and technologies that delivers not only the speed but the most reliable and stable solutions in market place.

Have any questions or want to order directly? Feel free to call toll free (800) 794-4622 or email You can also visit the GVS web site at or shop on-line at



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