GVS On-Site Installation and Training Services are unlike those of any other company in the market place, offering a wide variety of hardware, software, and system solutions. No other vendor can match the speed and quality of our service and training. No other organization can offer both with the same level of industry experience (in implementation) necessary to do the complete job right.

GVS provides on-site installation, support and training for our core products. We also have great knowledge and expertise working with some of the industry's largest and most successful manufacturers including Avid, Apple, IBM, Canon, Cisco, Extreme, Terran, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Sun Microsystems, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, NewTek, Adobe, Intel, Vela, Seagate, Pinnacle Systems, Matrix, Philips, Silicon Graphics, Fuji, Compaq, and Microsoft.

Time and Travel are billed separately.


Metropolis/Nomadic/GVS 9000 Product Installation:


Metropolis/Nomadic/GVS 9000 Training:


Metropolis On-Site with MAC/GVS 9000 Configuration:


Metropolis On-Site with PC Configuration:


Metropolis On-Site with Unix Configuration:


Remote Configuration For Nomadic V Storage:


Remote Configuration For Nomadic VI Fibre Storage:

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