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For those seeking the ultimate throughput available, GVS offers their Starnet SAN(storage area networks) product line. Starnet will allow users to have all of their servers, workstation, storage volumes, and backup/archival systems integrated into one centralized (easy to manage) shared SAN system.

SAN in particular, are designed to replace today's "point to point" client access methods with a new "any to any" architecture. In traditional model files (data) is shared from, a central data store, at LAN speeds (10/100/1000Mbit/sec or 10Gbit/sec) but with the Starnet SAN package (optional high speed fiber switch) clients can access direct data from any network node at 2GB or 4GB fiber channel speeds (4Gbit/sec). This allows a greater number of users much faster access to a much larger centralized data store. Redundancy features can be included, by adding a second switch, storage and Starnet Management (To support sites requiring the highest levels of data availability and security).

Having to adapt to a file format in a production environment were it going to server your current customer and the future, is extreme difficult takes, since its the main determination of which Metropolis product you would need to start your production with, that is why GVS looks in to future for the storage speed, to bring you the abilities to have access to a secure RAID that you would be able to edit in many different format 4K, 2K, HD, SD, DVCPRO HD, DV100, DV25 and many more.

Having the storage speed, and ability to share the date over the best cost effective manner without loss of quality and frame drop, in addiction to have ease of growth with deferent platform and operating suport that is why you storage management most suport both SAN and NAS architecture to allow you for the future growth with out having island's of storage to becomes a difficult to manage.

GVS Metropolis designed is based of SAN and NAS combine technology, with Metropolis in center of your production the bottle neck becomes your workstation, (the care that you drive on the road), that is why GVS custom designs high speed workstation GVS9000 that suport PCI-X and PCI Express so it would deliver data at speed of over 3.2GB/sec, so the most demanding application is in a real time.




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