Enterprise Nomadic Storage Product Line

In today's dynamic market, the demand for seamless data access and uncompromising security has reached unprecedented levels. The sheer volume of content and the need for shared security across high-speed networks and multiple platforms have ushered in a new era of data management challenges. Enter Nomadic where cutting-edge solutions meet the evolving needs of the digital landscape.

Our Nomadic Enterprise Storage Product is engineered to surpass the limitations of traditional local and cloud storage, extending its capabilities to the field and data centers. With a focus on high performance, centralized data storage, and robust security, Nomadic stands at the forefront of modern data management.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Scalability:

    • Nomadic supports up to 500 TB of storage capacity within a single rack. With the ability to scale up to an impressive 100PB, you have the flexibility to adapt to your evolving storage needs.
  2. Versatile Host Interfaces:

    • Nomadic accommodates quad SAS, Fiber, Thunderbolt, and Gigabit network host interface technologies per controller, ensuring seamless connectivity with your infrastructure.
  3. Mission-Critical Reliability:

    • Complete redundancy and hot-swap (fault-tolerant) hardware RAID controllers ensure uninterrupted operation, even in the most demanding and secure environments.
  4. Intuitive Management:

    • Our user-friendly web management tools empower you to effortlessly oversee your storage environment, supporting independent host operations with ease.

Nomadic Enterprise Storage is not merely a product; it's a holistic solution designed to empower your enterprise with the data access, security, and performance necessary in today's data-driven world. Join the data revolution with Nomadic and take control of your enterprise's future.

Custom Storage Solutions:

Nomadic RAID storage provides unparalleled data transfer rates, complemented by cutting-edge fail-safe and redundancy features to enhance data security. When paired with the Metropolis Server and a 10-400 Gigabit network architecture, clients can achieve remarkable file access speeds of up to 5.6Gbit/sec, when stored on the Fibre network.

The Nomadic Controller encompasses a range of key features, including:

  1. Flash Copy:

    • Enables the creation of point-in-time copies of logical volumes. These copies can be utilized for various purposes such as file restoration, backups, application testing, or data mining.
  2. Dynamic Volume Expansion:

    • Allows administrators to resize logical volumes seamlessly without causing disruption to users.
  3. Volume Copy:

    • Provides comprehensive replication of one logical volume (source) to another (target) within the N4880 controller.
  4. Enhanced Remote Mirror:

    • Encompasses a suite of mirroring capabilities:
      • Global Mirror with Asynchronous Write-order Consistency, crucial for mirroring multi-LUN applications.
      • Global Copy with Asynchronous replication.
      • Metro Mirror with Synchronous mirroring.

These features collectively enhance the functionality and flexibility of the Nomadic Controller, addressing various needs such as data protection, volume management, and remote mirroring for optimal performance and reliability.


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