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Nomadic1U 18xPro SAS Expansion Storage

Nomadic 1U 18.0TB storage in areal density of 3,600 Gb/in≤

Applications designed for extremely quiet, rugged, 180.00TB and 18 hot-swap drives high-performance 4xwide-port SAS channel connectors for host. With Nomadic 1U 18xPro SAS expander storage device, you can build large and complex storage topologies, with simple, ultra-high performance and high reliability SAS expander module in a cost-effective, enterprise-class 1U enclosure.

Capacities in 1U hight :
180 TB Storage

Available Options include:
• single 4xwide-port SAS connector
• Drive capacities 750GBSATA-II 7200RPM. Secure drive technology with high G-Force.
• Two 4x wide-port SAS connectors for expander module (JBOD) daisy chanin
• 2 124 port SAS expansion port (up to 750TB)

• LCD Control Panel for setup, alarm mute and configuration
• Hardware RJ11 to RS232 management ports
• 18 SATA-II hot-swap drive bays
• Dual SAS Expansion interface
• Design with a very quiet cooling fan

• Desktop or rack install kit included
• Full populated weight less than 20lb
• highly ruggedized drive system for mobile environment
• LED drive states and access options.
• Dual 275W hot-swap Power supply
• Three removable cooling systems

Nomadic1U18xPro2 expansion

GVS Storage
The Nomadic 1U 18xPro array provides the most compact and affordable storage solution, simple to deploy and easy to manage. Designed to support growing storage requirements, the high-density array scales to meet your business needs, and its building-block approach reduces costs and simplifies future upgrades to enterprise solution.

Environmental considerations were a major factor in the design of the Nomadic 1U 18xPro, an extremely compact, high-density (3.6Tb/in) storage product. To begin with, the power consumption at full operation mode of 18.0TB storage runs at under 75W of power. In only 3 years of non-stop operation the cost savings of electricity alone would practically pay for this unit. Further reduction in noise is attributed to the material design and optimized airflow. The Nomadic1U provides extremely efficient cooling technology to reduce the noise allowing you to have 100TB at your desk side.

Nomadic 1U 18xPro offers an elite storage solution at an entry-level price. The array is easy to deploy, with flexible configuration and management options, online capacity expansion, and remote monitoring. The built-in controllerís browser-based management tool, with LCD display for immediate setup and status viewing, simplifies the management process providing the ideal way to manage and expand on an as needed basis. A single GUI network interface provides common storage management across all arrays in the Nomadic Product Family, reducing the number of elements you need to manage. In data intensive environments, increasing the capacity per disc drive lowers ownership costs by deploying fewer systems that use less cubic feet of space requiring less infrastructure such as cabinets, HBAs, and less wattage of power. The Nomadic 1U 18xPro uses 7.2K RPM high-performance drive capacity with SATAII drive bays.

Utilization of the Nomadic 1U 12xPro, depending on your specific application requirements, requires very low latency (down to 2.0ms). With Nomadic 1U 12xPro as your core storage and high speed interface options for your host servers or workstation based on available 10Gbit 8/4G Fibre or iSCSI you are able to easily connect up to 14 Nomadic 1U 18xPro, so you can grow your storage needs without the sacrifice of performance and reliability. With Nomadic 1U 18xPro you can have complete redundancy, a mirror of your drives, as your application requires. That means at any given time you can have complete security of your data at a fraction of a cost without having to go to tape for backup.

The Nomadic 1U 18xPro with the 4480i Controller Technology offers one SAS expansion port to the host and two output ports for expansion by simply adding additional Nomadic 1U 18xProís as needed for up to 28 bays supporting 500TB in a 28U rack space, in a cluster case you are able to reach 1PB in a single 60U rack height less than 8.5KW/per 1PB storage. So you can buy the storage capacity you need today and be able to quickly and non-disruptively add mixed drive capacity as you grow, which is a key feature for any IT environment.

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