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nomadic 1u enterprise storage

Nomadic 1U 16/32/64GB Fiber Host Interface SSD, NVMe Drive I/O:

Key Features and Benefits of Local Storage:

The innovative GVS-designed Nomadic1U RAID architecture combines affordable, high-capacity SAS drive technology with a dual to quad Fibre Channel host interface for fast, reliable data access. Each GVS Drive Module uses a dedicateddrive channel, maximizing the Fibre Channel host connection.

Supported Capacities Start from:
180TB to 1.2PB


in a 4U rack space (7.0") height

Available Options include:

• single or dual hardware 4880C controllers (option).
• Drive capacities of 20TB or 24TB 12GB SAS, SSD & NVMe (option).
• 2-8 share or independent Fiber host interface.
• Secure Independent Browser Management.
• Front LCD status and Control
• 4-8x16Gb
Fiber Host Interface.
• 2-4x32Gb
Fiber Host Interface.
• 2+2x64Gb
Fiber Host Interface.

• iSCSI Independent Host Interface (option).
• iSCSI 10Gbit Host Interface(option).
• 12GB SAS Host Interface (option).
• Hardware and Software management with TCP/IP secure web port.
• RAID 0, 1,3 ,5, 6, 50, 51, 60, 61, 1+0, & 0+1.
• 24 12Gb SAS hot-swap drive bays.
• 256 drive bay Expansion with SAS interface(option).
• Battery backup for cache memory option.

• Redundant, environmental control cooling system.
• Desktop or rack install kit included in a 4U rack space.
• Locking drive system.
• LED drive states and accesses lock.
• Dual hot-swap Power supply.
• Web based management for SAN/NAS from each host interface
• Redundant TCP/IP network interface for management purposes.
• Power Lock system for secure power access.

Nomadic PB Expandable to 14PB Private and Public Local Storage

Enterprise Local Storage:

The Nomadic 1U Local High-Speed Storage solution seems tailored for applications in AI, cellular, and high-throughput connectivity, particularly for capturing data from cells. Here's an analysis based on the provided description:

Compact Form Factor (1U): The compact size of the storage solution (1U) suggests it can fit into space-constrained environments, which is advantageous for deployments where rack space is limited.

High-Speed Storage: Emphasizing high-speed storage indicates that the solution is optimized for rapid data capture and processing, crucial for AI applications and high-throughput connectivity scenarios where real-time or near-real-time data analysis is required.
Tailored for AI Applications: Mentioning AI suggests that the storage solution is optimized for storing and processing data generated by AI algorithms, which often require large volumes of data and high computational power.
Cellular and Cells Capture: The focus on cellular and cells capture indicates a specialization towards handling data generated by cellular networks or cellular-level analysis, such as in biological or medical research, where capturing data from individual cells is crucial.
High-Throughput Connectivity: Highlighting high-throughput connectivity suggests that the storage solution is capable of handling large volumes of data generated by multiple sources simultaneously, which is essential for applications in telecommunications, network monitoring, or scientific research.
Capture System Integration: The mention of integration with a capture system implies compatibility with data acquisition hardware or software, streamlining the process of capturing and storing data from various sources.
Scalability and Performance: While not explicitly mentioned, scalability and performance are essential considerations for storage solutions in AI and high-throughput applications. It would be beneficial if the solution offers scalability to accommodate growing data volumes and performance optimizations to handle increasing workloads efficiently.
Data Integrity and Security: Ensuring data integrity and security is critical, especially when dealing with sensitive information or mission-critical applications. It would be essential for the storage solution to incorporate features such as data encryption, access controls, and data redundancy to protect against data loss or unauthorized access.
Compatibility and Interoperability: Given the diverse nature of AI and high-throughput applications, compatibility with existing infrastructure and interoperability with other systems and protocols would be advantageous for seamless integration and operation.

Overall, the Nomadic 1U Local High-Speed Storage solution appears well-suited for demanding applications in AI, cellular, and high-throughput connectivity, offering fast storage capabilities tailored to the unique requirements of capturing and processing data from cells or cellular networks. However, customers may seek additional details on specific performance metrics, compatibility with capture systems, and data security features to assess its suitability for their needs.

Part Number
Model Number
Hardware RAID
Max Cache
Controller Cache
Host Interface
Drive Bay
SAS Drive Size
Max Storage
Drive Type
N01U46ATP1F022 Nomadic1U-46F4
192MB 4GB 2x16GB Fiber 12 15GB 180TB
N01U56S2P2I023 Nomadic1U- 56S2
256MB 2GB 2x12GB SAS 12 20GB 240TB NVMe
N01U56ATP2S044 Nomadic1U-56S2
384MB 4GB 4x16GB Fiber 12 16TB 192TB
N01U56SAS2F024 Nomadic1U-86F4
512MB 8GB 4x32GB Fiber 12 24TB 288TB
N01U56SAS6F0S2 Nomadic1U-96F4
512MB 8GB 4x64GB Fiber 12 10TB 120B
N01U56SAS6F0N2 Nomadic1U-98F4
512MB 8GB 4x64GB Fiber 12 100TB 1.2PB

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