nomadic4u16gb1.html Nomadic 4U Enterprise Storage High Speed Shard 16GB Fibre Direct Attached RAID Storage

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nomadic 4u 16gb enterprise storage
Nomadic 4U Hardware RAID 16GB Fibre Host Interface and 6Gbit SASor SATA Drive

Operating System Independent

100TB-4PB: hot-swap drives high-performance dual to quad 16GB/s fiber channel hardware RAID controller on desktop space with following Operating Systems tested and supported: Linux, OS X, NetWare, OpenBSD, Solaris, and Windows.(none os specific)

Available Options include:
• single, dual or quad hardware RAID 4560C controllers
• Drive capacities of 8TB SAS, 12TB or 16TB SAS 7200RPM, and 4TB 15K RPM 12GB SAS drive
• 2-4 share or independent 32GB Fibre, or 24GB SAS host interface options
• Hardware and Software management

• HW RAID 0, 1 ,3 ,5 , 6, 50, 51, 55, 60, 61, 1+0, 0+1 and JBOD
• 24 24GB/12GB SAS and SATA-3 hot-swap drive bays
• Three 500W hot-swap Power supply
• Four hot-swap cooling system
• Dual Battery backup for cache memory

TCP/IP network interface

Supported Capacity Starts from
144TB to 5PB


in a 4U rack space (7.0") height





Enterprise Storage

The Nomadic 4u 16GB Enterprise storage provides a compact, affordable, expandable storage solution that's simple to deploy and easy to manage. Designed to support growing storage requirements, the high-density array scales to meet your business needs, and its building-block approach reduces costs and simplifies future upgrades to entry-level SANs.

Metroplisline and is an ideal way to expand your storage needs. With dual 16GB/s or 4x16GB/s host interfaces as well as Gbit connectivity for up to 4 different direct host without switch. With exceptional data access, reliability, and the flexibility. As your storage grows from TB to PB, and from 4U to 42U rack space, the Nomadic 4U offers an elite enterprise storage solution at an entry-level price.

The array is easy to deploy with speeds of 6.4Gbit/sec. It provides the fastest nondestructive erase processes, with multiple pass options when needed, flexible configuration and management options, online capacity expansion, and remote monitoring. A single GUI network interface provides common storage management across all arrays in the Nomadic family, reducing the number of elements to manage.

In data intensive environments, increasing the capacity per disc drive lowers ownership costs by deploying fewer systems that use less cubic feet of space requiring less infrastructure such as cabinets, HBAs, and less wattage of power. The Nomadic 4U uses 7.2K, 10K, or 15K RPM high-performance, high-capacity SATA or SAS disk drives and offers Fiber and SAS dual to quad host interfaces, allowing the backup your work at Fibre Channel or SAS speed direct connectivity to the Nomadic 4U.

You can use the Dual Fibre Channel ports to connect up to four servers or 4K edit capture playback GVS9000 VTR servers in a redundant mode, in which case both server would be able to see all the drives at the same time.

If your application requires speed and reliality, with very high demand applications in a multiple user environment, virtually eliminating the complexity and cutting cost.

Part Number
Model Number
Hardware RAID
Max Cache
Controller Cache
Host Interface
Drive Bay
SAS Expansion Ports
Max Storage
Power Supply
N04U46ATP1F022 Nomadic4U-46F4
192MB 4GB 2x16GB Fibre 24 1 100TB
N04U56S2P2I023 Nomadic4U- 56S2
256MB 2GB 2x12GB SAS 24 2 100TB
N04U56ATP2S044 Nomadic4U-56S2
384MB 4GB/per 4x16GB Fibre 24 2 240TB
N04U56SAS2S023 Nomadic4U-56F4
512MB 8GB/per 4x12GB SAS 24 4 240TB

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