GVS Nomadic1U Storage RAID GVS Inc, Grande Vitesse System - Nomadic1U - Technical Specifications
nomadic 1U storage
Nomadic 1U Rackmount RAID


OS Independent supported, tested and configured for Microsoft Windows,
Mac OS 9, OS X, Solaris, Linux and other Unix based systems.

Available Options include:
- Drive capacities of 18147GB SCSI320/160
SCSI, 40320GB Ultra ATA
- 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb 16Gb 32Gb 64Gb Dual Fibre Channel,
Ultra SCSI 160/320 or
Firewire host interface

- Hardware RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 and 0+1
- 8 hot-swap drive bays
- Hot-swap Cooling System
- Redundant Power supplies
- Software management
- Fax, email and pager notification

Starting at:
$ 4,968

For 1TB data storage

  GVS has once again broken the speed barrier without compromising cost while
giving you the world’s lowest profile storage system available. With capacities
reaching 2.5TB in only 1.75” the Nomadic 1U is the only product of its kind
available in the market toda

More of everything you want, less of everything you don’t -In data intensive
environments, increasing the capacity per disc drive lowers ownership costs
by deploying fewer systems that use less cubic feet of space requiring less
infrastructure such as cabinets, HBAs and less wattage of power. The Nomadic 1U
uses 7.2, 10K and 15K RPM high-performance, high-capacity disc drives. With the
fastest interface, the highest reliability and the most mature product design, the
Nomadic 1U enables the highest capacities in the smallest footprint for the lowest
ownership cost.

Host/Drive Format
Firewire to UltraATA N1FW1081208 Nomadic1UW2ID 60-20,000GB 2,400GB-160TB 4-8 1-2 SW-1150
SCSI160 to UltraATA N1SC2I081208 Nomadic1US2ID 80-320GB 1,600GB-250TB 4-8 1-2 SW-1080
2GB Fibre to ATA w/HW RAID N12F1812008R Nomadic1UF2ID 80-20,000GB 1,600GB-250TB 8 2 RAID-2800F
SCSI320/160 to SCSI320/160 N1SCSC083608 Nomadic1US2SC 36-146GB 720GB-120TB 8 2 SW-RAID
SCSI160 to SCSI320/160 N1SCS812008R Nomadic1US2SW 36-146GB 720GB-120TB 8 2 RAID-2200

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