Nomadic 9000 Enterprise Switch/ Router with Fibre Channel and Gigabit connectivity for high-bandwidth storage

Today's growing enterprise needs to reduce costs and make the best use of storage equipment;and they must find new solutions to simplify diverse storage networking environments. The Nomadic 9000 switch delivers the solution.

The First True Backbone Director

The 9000 acts as the backbone of the enterprise data center-it delivers the unmatched availability, performance and scalability you need to support your most important data and carry the highest data traffic. With director Switch technology (hard partitioning), you can consolidate your multi-vendor fabrics while maintaining secure separation by data, management and Fibre Channel Services. With “carrier-class” availability, dynamic port allocation and intelligent fabric services, it’s the ideal backbone for your enterprise.

  • Highest port count available (256 ports)
  • Consolidates multi-fabric deployments
  • Secures data in fabrics with partitioning
  • Enables dynamic port allocation
  • Up to 190 km distance extension at 10 Gb/s


  • Port Count:  256 Ports per Chasis
  • Port Density:  256 in 14U
  • Height:  67.2 cm (24.5in)
  • Availability:  99.999%


  • 99.999%
  • Hot-plug, redundant power supplies, fans, processors, switch cards
  • Hot-plug optics, port modules
  • Online diagnostics
  • HotCAT® technology for online, non-disruptive firmware load and activation


  • Fibre Channel Protocols: FC-PH, FC-PH-2, FC-PH-3, FC-GS-2, FC-GS-3, FC-FLA, FC-FG, FC-MI, FC-SW, FC-SW-2, 10GFC, FC-FS, FC-PI, FC-SB-2, FC-SB-3
  • Fibre Channel Element MIB: FE-MIB
  • TCP/IP MIB-II Groups: System, Interface, Address Translation, IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, SNMP
  • Classes of Service: Class 2, Class 3, Class F


  • Port Speed: 20 Gb/s and 160 Gb/s at full duplex
  • Buffer Credits: Up to 1373 per 16 ports, user configurable

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