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Nomadic 4U 16/32/64GB Fiber Host Interface SSD, NVMe and Drive I/O:

Key Features and Benefits of Local Storage:

Presenting a storage solution with a capacity ranging from 480TB to 5.8PB, our system features hot-swap drives and a high-performance dual to quad 16/32/64GB/s fiber channel hot-swap hardware controller. Tailored to seamlessly integrate into desktop spaces, the Nomadic 4U storage system is OS-independent, allowing integration with a variety of operating systems. It has been extensively tested and integrated with Ubuntu, Unix, Linux, OS X, NetWare, Open BSD, Oracle Linux, and Windows. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for diverse computing environments, ensuring reliability and efficiency across multiple platforms.

Supported Capacities Start from:
480TB to 40PB


in a 4U rack space (7.0") height

Available Options include:

• single or dual hardware 4880C controllers (option).
• Drive capacities of 20TB or 24TB 12GB SAS, SSD & NVMe (option).
• 2-8 share or independent Fiber host interface.
• Secure Independent Browser Management.
• Front LCD status and Control Management.>
• 4-8x16Gb Fiber Host Interface.
• 2-4x32Gb Fiber Host Interface.
• 2+2x64Gb Fiber Host Interface.

• iSCSI Independent Host Interface (option).
• iSCSI 10Gbit Host Interface(option).
• 12GB SAS Host Interface (option).
• Hardware and Software management with TCP/IP secure web port.
• RAID 0, 1,3 ,5, 6, 50, 51, 60, 61, 1+0, & 0+1.
• 24 12Gb SAS hot-swap drive bays.
• 256 drive bay Expansion with SAS interface(option).
• Battery backup for cache memory option.

• Redundant, environmental control cooling system.
• Desktop or rack install kit included in a 4U rack space.
• Locking drive system.
• LED drive states and accesses lock.
• Dual hot-swap Power supply.
• Web based management for SAN/NAS from each host interface
• Redundant TCP/IP network interface for management purposes.
• Power Lock system for secure power access.








Nomadic PB Expandable to 14PB Private and Public Local Storage

Enterprise Local Storage:

The Nomadic 4U 16/32/64GB Enterprise storage stands as a compact, cost-effective, and scalable solution, meticulously designed for easy deployment and secure management. Specifically tailored to meet the burgeoning demands of local storage, this high-density array is ideally suited for the exacting storage requirements prevalent in Biomedical, Engineering, Science, and Technology fields. It excels in handling various media, including 2D or 3D imaging in high volumes, single imaging, or continuous recording of content in high-resolution.

The GVS solution is purposefully crafted to address the unique challenges associated with managing substantial data generation in these fields, making it the preferred choice over cloud solutions with their associated challenges of uploading and prohibitively high retrieval costs.

Key Features and Benefits:

Faster Access Speeds:
Local storage ensures faster access to data, directly connected to the system, reducing latency compared to fetching data from the cloud.

Off line Access:
The Nomadic 4U provides access to data even without an Internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted workflow in remote or disconnected environments.

Cost-Efficiency for Large Datasets:
Storing large volumes of data locally proves to be more cost-effective than relying on cloud storage, especially for organizations dealing with massive datasets where cloud storage costs can escalate.

Data Sovereignty and Compliance:

Organizations retain control over their data, ensuring compliance with specific data sovereignty regulations and industry-specific compliance requirements.

Security and Privacy:
Local storage offers a higher level of control and security over sensitive data, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches compared to cloud storage.

Customized Security Measures:
Organizations can implement custom security measures tailored to their specific needs and infrastructure when managing data locally.

Reduced Dependence on Internet Connectivity:
Large local storage reduces dependence on INTERNET connectivity for accessing and storing data, ensuring consistent availability even in areas with limited or unreliable Internet access.

High Performance for Intensive Workloads:
The Nomadic 4U is well-suited for high-performance computing tasks and applications that demand rapid access to large datasets, eliminating the latency associated with cloud data retrieval.

Customization and Scalability:
Local storage solutions, such as the Nomadic 4U, can be customized and scaled according to specific business needs without relying on external service providers, providing greater flexibility.

Avoidance of Subscription Costs:
The Nomadic 4U eliminates recurring subscription costs associated with cloud storage services, offering a more predictable and potentially more cost-effective solution in the long term.

Reduced Bandwidth Usage:
Large local storage minimizes the need for continuous data transfers to and from the cloud, reducing bandwidth usage and potentially avoiding additional costs associated with data transfer.

Quick Backup and Restore:
The Nomadic 4U allows for quicker backup and restore operations, facilitating easier recovery from data loss or system failures.

With the Nomadic 4U, scalability is seamless, ranging from terabytes to petabytes, and rack space can expand from 4U to 42U, providing elite enterprise storage capabilities at an entry-level price. The array ensures efficient deployment with the fastest nondestructive erase procedures, multiple pass options, flexible configuration, and management options, on-line capacity expansion, and remote monitoring. Its unified GUI network interface streamlines storage management across the entire Nomadic family, significantly reducing complexities associated with handling multiple elements.

In data-intensive environments, the Nomadic 4U optimizes ownership costs by maximizing capacity per disk drive, leading to the deployment of fewer systems. This not only minimizes cubic space requirements but also reduces the demand for infrastructure elements like cabinets and HBAs, as well as lowers power consumption. Leveraging the latest high-performance, high-capacity SAS disk drives and offering Fiber dual to quad mixed host interfaces, the Nomadic 4U ensures instant access to massive data volumes without interruptions or delays in the network.

For applications demanding speed, reliability, and efficiency in a multi-user environment, the Nomadic 4U excels in simplifying complexities and minimizing costs, providing a robust solution for data-intensive fields.

Part Number
Model Number
Hardware RAID
Max Cache
Controller Cache
Host Interface
Drive Bay
SAS Drive Size
Max Storage
Drive Type
N04U46ATP1F022 Nomadic4U-46F4
192MB 4GB 2x16GB Fiber 24 900GB 21.6TB
N04U56S2P2I023 Nomadic4U- 56S2
256MB 2GB 2x12GB SAS 24 20GB 480TB
7,200 RPM
N04U56ATP2S044 Nomadic4U-56S2
384MB 4GB 4x16GB Fiber 24 16TB 384TB
N04U56SAS2F024 Nomadic4U-86F4
512MB 8GB 4x32GB Fiber 24 24TB 576TB
7,200 RPM
N04U56SAS6F0S2 Nomadic4U-96F4
512MB 8GB 4x64GB Fiber 24 100TB 2.4PB
N04U56SAS6F0N2 Nomadic4U-98F4
512MB 8GB 4x64GB Fiber 24 64TB 1.5PB

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