Nomadic VI Storage Product

24TB - 96TB GVS Nomadic VI Hardware controlled Fiber RAID Array: Rack Ready 500TB, 1,000TB, 1,500TB or 400GB 15K RPM FC-AL drives, 2 Nomadic VI 2890 RAID controller(s) 1,000MB -4,000MB Cache, pre-configured as one RAID 5 or 6 LUN (4+1), 32GB or 64GB FC-AL ports, 2 optic-to-optic media interface adapters, 2x5 meter fiber optic cable, 8 power supplies w/ internal battery backup, 8 blowers, 8 power cords, 4 FC terminators.

The Nomadic™ RAID Array Systems have been designed to provide high-performance, centralized data storage that is industrial, reliable, scalable, upgradeable, and affordable. The Nomadic RAID Arrays come in a variety of form factors from software-controlled, fixed drive configurations, to hardware-controlled, Hot/Swap systems. Nomadic RAIDs can accommodate complete full Fiber technologies; and can be purchased in stand-alone desk subsystems, SAN as well as NAS in side or rack-mounted form. Customized to meet your specific storage and security requirements, Nomadics come in JBOD or fully redundant (fault tolerant) RAID solutions. For high level (mission critical) environments GVS has fully redundant Nomadic Cluster configurations and a full range of storage management tools.

Interface 4x4GB Fiber Channel Interface & 4x1000/10GB•T (Gigabit) Interface
RAID Capacity 12TB - 96TB
Controller Nomadic VI 2890 (Single)
Cache Memory 1024MB-8GB
Level-2 Cache 32MB/per Media
Drive Capacity 500GB, 1,000GB, 1,500GB or 400GB 15K mechanisms
Drive Support All 3.5inch models including 7.2K-15K rpm rated SAS/Fiber mechanisms
Hot Swap Drive 64
RAID Level Support Controller based 0, 1, 0+1, 4, 5,6, 10, 30, 50, 51, 55, 56, 61, and JBOD with mix and match RAID levels with any level per LUN
RAID Data Transfer Rate Up to 3.2Gbit/sec-9.6Gbit/sec
Power Supplies 8 Redundant
Cooling Unit 8 Redundant
Adapter 4-16 optic-to-optic media interface adapter
Host Support NFS, CIFX, Sun Solaris, Linux, Unix, Win, OS X
Option Interface 1-4 10Gigibit Support w/GVS9000 for NAS for NFS, and NTFS. w/ 4 Fiber Optic interface for SAN
Management Support SNMP, TCP/IP, IPX, VT-100 Terminal, Remote (RMU) Option
GVS Warranty Program Grande Vitesse provides a complete On-site or Parts and Labor Warranty on all Nomadic RAID systems. Note Depot shipment may be required. Ask a GVS Representative about extended warranty options

For real-time pricing and configuration call (800) 794-4622 or Request for customized configuration and price


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