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Grande Vitesse Systems

Metropolis Server Storage Workstations Asset Management

GVS9000BLAD with Xeon, Optron or PowerPC CPU

GVS introduces a line of high performance Blades that will suit the most demanding CPU needs. Our rugged blades are designed for a wide array of CPU options from AMD, PowerPC and Intel processors to meet the most demanding application for today and into the future.
Unlike commercial blades, GVS9000Blade is able to meet the true needs of the rugged rack system marketplace by offering a superior level of support demanded by Aerospace, Biotechnology, Communications, Defense, Manufacturing, Medical Imaging, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceutical. This includes revision control, product life cycle management, custom operating system, engineering support and high quality design and manufacturing, and offers the combined benefits of custom manufacturing with low cost of ownership.

As the number of servers in your data center grows, so do your deployment and management headaches. In fact, with traditional pedestal and rack servers, data center staffing costs increase dramatically as your data center grows. Now, the GVS9000Blade System lets you add servers to your data center while actually decreasing deployment and service work. Blade computing introduces a new data center paradigm where many ultra-thin compute blades share centralized resources such as power supplies, fans and network switches in a single System. The GVS9000Blade System is an example of state-of-the-art blade engineering that allows you to greatly expand computing power while reducing management resources.
Lower Service Costs
The GVS9000Blade System is engineered top-to-bottom and front-to-back for easy serviceability. On the front of the System are 14 server blade slots that accommodate current and future Intel compute blades. These blades slide in and out with no tools or cables. One floppy and one CD-ROM drive reside in a front-panel media tray that also removes easily without tools. On the back of the System are shared components: power supplies, blowers, switches, and management modules, all of which are hot-plug/hot-swap components that can be removed quickly without tools. Even the midplane, which connects the compute blades with the shared resources, can be accessed by simply removing two thumbscrews.
Cabling in the GVS9000Blade System is almost nonexistent, thanks to the use of a mid-plane to provide network, power, and KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) connections between individual blades and shared components.
Configure to Meet Multiple Needs
The GVS9000Blade System forms the backbone of a flexible blade server solution. The System enables redundancy at almost any level—power supplies, blowers, management modules, and Ethernet/Fibre Channel switches—to meet the availability and connectivity requirements of almost any environment. Plus, the GVS9000Blade System will accommodate the 4-way AMD, Intel and PowerPC server compute blade containing Optron, G5 and Xeon processors MP, giving you the best choice for your application to increased longevity and improved ROI from the same System.
Availability 99.999%
There are virtually no single points of failure in the GVS9000Blade System. All critical components such as power supplies, blowers, network switches, and management modules have redundancy options and tool-less hot-plug/hot-swap capability, which allows you to swap out failed components within a minute. Even the system midplane is redundant, with all circuitry duplicated and redundant bus support for all power and communications.


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