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nVIDIA GeForce FX5900XT & 5950 Video Card, 128MB DDR, 256-bit, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP

Specifications 5950:
Chipset/Engine Clock Speed: nVIDIA GeForce FX5950 ULTRA/475MHz
Memory/Clock Speed: 256MB DDR/950MHz
BUS: AGP 1X/2X/4X/8X
Ports: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub)+VIVO+DVI connector
Support 3D API: DirectX®9, OpenGL®1.5
Cable/Accessories: VGA via DVI Adapter, VIVO Adapter, 7 CD, Manual
Max Resolution@32bit Color: 2048X1536@85Hz
Vertical Refresh Rate: 70-240 Hz

Specifications FX5900XT:
Chipset/Core Speed: nVIDIA GeForce FX5900XT/390MHz
Memory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/850MHz
BUS: AGP 1X/2X/4X/8X
Ports: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub)+TV-Out(S-Video)+DVI connector
Support 3D API: DirectX®9, OpenGL®1.4
Cable/Accessories: Not Specified
Max Resolution@32bit Color: 2048X1536@85Hz

1. Powered by nVIDIA GeForce FX5900XT GPU
2. AGP 8X with AGP Texturing and Fast Writes
3. CineFX 2.0 Engine supports DirectX9.0 & OpenGL1.4
4. NVIDIA Intellisample High-resolution Compression Technology
5. NVIDIA UltraShadow Technology
6. RAMDACs 400MHz
7. D-Sub, TV-out and DVI Ports
8. Supports nView Technology

FX5900XT Chipset Features

1.CineFXTM 2.0 Engine
a.Powers cinematic effects beyond imagination
b.With advanced vertex and pixel shader capabilities, stunning and complex special effects are possible.
c.Increase horsepower delivers faster and smoother gameplay.
2.NVIDIA® UltraShadowTM TechnologyAdvance technology designed to enhance the performance of bleeding-dege games, graphics, video editing, rendering, that use complex shadows.
3.NVIDIA® IntellisampleTM high-resolution compression technology
a.Delivers higher image quality through anti-aliasing at frame rates that rival aliased modes.
b.The industry¡?s fastest and highest quality anti-aliasing.
4.AGP 8X
a.Provides double the bandwidth of AGP 4X ¡V 2.1GB/sec. Vs. 1.1GB/sec.
b.Enables more complex models and detailed textures, creating richer and more lifelike environments.
c.Uninterrupted data flow allows for smoother video streaming and faster, more seamless gameplay.
5.13u Process TechnologyDelivers higher performance through faster clock rates ¡V more MHz¡I
6.Architected for Cg
a.Ensures that the newest, cutting-edge special effects in applications will run flawlessly.
b.Speeds up content creation so game developers can get their new games out to PC users faster than ever before.
7.Integrated TV encoderProvides best-of-class TV-OUT functionality with resolutions up to 1024x768.
8.Integrated full hardware MPEG-2 decoderDelivers full-frame, full-screen MPEG-2 video on your desktop.
9.NVIDIA® nVIEWTM Multi-display Technology
a.Great multi-display technology
b.Easy-to-use control panel interface
c.A setup wizard makes configuring your desktops a snap.
10.NVIDIA Digital Vibrance ControlTM 3.0
a.Superior display quality with sharper text and richer color for displaying photographs.
b.User-controllable through a simple interface.
11.400MHz RAMDACsIndustry¡?s fastest RAMDACs support QXGA displays with ultra-high, ergonomic refresh rates
12.DVIAble to drive large displays with up to 1600x1200 resolution.
13.NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture¡]UDA¡^
a.Delivers rock-solid forward and backward compatibility with software drivers.
b.Simplifies upgrading to a new NVIDIA product or drivers because all NVIDIA products work with the same driver software.
14.DirectX 9.0 optimizations and supportEnsures the best performance and application compatibility for all DirectX9 applications.
15.OpenGL 1.4Ensures the best performance


Upgrade to nVIDIA GeForce FX5950 Ultra/450MHz:

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