GVS90004U P4 Extreme Edition

GVS9000 Xeon 4 Processor MP Extreme Edition

The GVS9000 Xeon 4 MP processor Extreme Edition is a follow on to the GVS9000 Xeon4 processor Extreme Edition. Like its predecessor, the GVS9000 Xeon 4 processor Extreme Edition in the express chipset features up to 2MB cache Advanced Transfer Cache (L2) and up to 8MB Integrated Level 3 (L3) cache. The Xeon MP 4 processor Extreme Edition is based on Intel 64-bit microarchitecture supporting Execution Trace Cache with Up to 14GB/se I/O Bandwidth Supports up to 24GB of Registered DDR RAM Technology.

GVS9000 Intel Xeon Processor MP Extreme Edition Micron Processer Rack workstation server with up to 3.66GHz Processors 4MB or 8MB cache, with high speed SATA, U320 or Fibre internal storage option SAN or NAS high-bandwidth in 64-bit rack-optimized computer.

GVS is a leading manufacturer of Managed Storage, Workstation and Server Products, that delivering 99.999% availability at rate of 1Mbit-3.2GBit/sec.


GVS9000 Tower or Rack Mount Chassis:



Nomadic VI RAID

Internal Drive

SATA Hot-Swap Drive Bay


Graphics Cards

Optical Drive

2nd Optical Drive SL

5xPCI Card


Floppy Drive

Keyboard and Mouse

Rack Railling

Power Supply

Operating System

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