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Grande Vitesse Systems designs, develops, and manufactures custom products, incorporating thousands of computer hardware and software components. The company devotes significant resources to research and development in the biotech, medical, research, government, defense, and high-speed content access sectors. With vast expertise in various technologies, GVS offers an unmatched range of software/hardware products and services in the industry.

We are dedicated to meeting our client's demands by anticipating their needs and staying ahead of the curve through continuous innovation. Our primary focus is on developing cost-effective products that deliver results. At Grande Vitesse Systems, every aspect of the hardware, software, and workflows we design and integrate is subjected to thorough research and evaluation.

From individual components to enterprise-level systems, each element undergoes extensive testing in real-life scenarios, surpassing industry standards. This rigorous testing ensures that our products meet the highest quality and reliability standards before they are implemented at a client's site.

GVS frequently collaborates with top manufacturers in the industry to source new technology components for our engineering department. This strategic partnership enables us to access the latest advancements and facilitate the development of innovative products. Since 1988, our engineers have been instrumental in introducing numerous cutting-edge products and technologies to the market. Their expertise and contributions have been crucial in driving our success and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


Grande Vitesse Systems