GVS9000 1U
GVS9000 1U PowerPC
G4 and G5 processors up to Dual 2.3Ghz
1U form factor less than 18" deep
Quad Gigabit option

Dual 2GB FC option
Dual U160/320 option
ATI 8500 AGP or PCI-x Graphic card option

Starting at:
$ 2,449

The GVS9000 PowePC comes with your choice of one or two 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors runnig at speed of up to 15 gigaflops, 2MB of dedicated L3 cache memory per processorwith up to 4GB/s throughput, twofull-length 64-bit and one half-lenght 32-bit PCI/AGP combination slots for up to 533MB/s throughput, and up to 2GB of DDR SDRAM. Plus 12 drive bays holding up to 2TB of disk space using hot-plug GVS Drive Modules, Quad Gigabit Ethernet, and the complete suits of robust, standards-base network services in Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, and Linux Operating systems.

With its short pipeline and the Velocity Engine vector processing unit, the PowerPC G4 chip is designed for maximum data throughput. And the GVS9000 G4 models that feature dual processors effectively double this throughput. The system architecture of the GVS9000 G4 harnesses this phenomenal processing power with a balance design that maximizes the throughput from memory, I/O, AGP graphics and PCI. In the case of the 1GHz and dual 1GHz Power Mac G4 models however, we've taken efficient data access one step further with 2MB of L3 cache.

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