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San Francisco, CA 94105-9275

international contact - 415 777-9937
phone - (415) 777-0320
USA Sales 1(800) 794-4622
Internation Call +1(415) 777-9544
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American Red Cross

Salvation Arm
1 800 SAL ARMY Volunteering efforts, counseling or other services needed by victims and families.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration
) FEMA requests that no one call their offices. Use the Web site instead.

Airline Information
World Trade Center Hotline
Morgan Stanley has established an emergency contact phone number for employees and their families: 1-888-883-4391.

Army, Navy, Marine Personnel

Army personnel assigned to the Pentagon on September 11 (or families trying to locate loved ones): 1-800-984-8523
Navy and Marine personnel assigned to the Pentagon: 1-877-663-6772.

Victims of Crime

The Office of Victims of Crime has established a hotline number for people to leave contact information or to get more details about victims and survivors: 1-800-331-0075.

Information On Terrorist Attacks

Anyone with information on terrorist attacks are asked to call 1-866-483-5137 or visit

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