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Grande Vitesse Systems Partners with The San Francisco Opera on an Expandable Storage Solution

San Francisco, CA – Grande Vitesse Systems (GVS -, a leading developer and manufacturer of one of the most cost- effective, high-speed and secure storage solutions, has partnered with the San Francisco Opera ( to develop one of the most advanced file based video production environments in today's marketplace, featuring the ability to record 16 concurrent HD 1080p recordings into one NOMADIC PB secure and redundant storage volume. With file based recording, multiple series of video and audio tracks are recorded in the same NOMADIC PB volume at the same time. Editors are able to access the NOMADIC PB media during both video and audio recordings and utilize the library of thousands of special effects while rendering is taking place or in progress to the NOMADIC PB. With file based video editor, users have complete control of the entire production at their fingertips, allowing SAN FRANCISCO OPERA to produce masterpieces with minimal staffing. Being a non-profit organization with a limited budget, as well as having limited time and enormous amounts of media to produce, SAN FRANCISCO OPERA has chosen GVS NOMADIC PB because there are no duplicate clips, no file copying from media A to media B, it features the ability to deliver file based work flow, and all media, audio, video, special effects and render files are in one single searchable location.

Video tape distribution to public TV stations for content created is simple. Utilizing the RS422 9-Pin controller interface to the Nomadic, users are able to create endless tape for distribution from the Nomadic PB volumes at the same time as tape content can simply be ingested into the Nomadic PB from any station via HD SDI interface machine. The NOMADIC PB Host independent feature supports any number of files and video codecs from Avid to FCP and Primmer, with the ease of marking MetaData content during ingest, which simplifies the edit workflow in FCP.

In addition to the GVS NOMADIC PB, this campaign was successful because of the staff and knowledgeable people that are able to take advantage of such an advanced workflow in day-to-day production. Doug Mitchell was the central brain behind this innovative workflow design. He had the vision and knowledge of the hardware, software and IT, as well as the video engineering background necessary to select the tools that are required for such an advanced file based workflow so that they are maintained 24/7 without any downtime.

The biggest challenge for GVS was to maintain the old 70TB storage and fibre switching, same rack space and power requirements, while the new NOMADIC PB, SWITCH and SHARED STORAGE were getting implemented. Working with the existing infrastructure, and without the need for an additional cooling system, the entire NOMADIC PB was running on a single power supply during this transition. This was one of the simplest transitions and implementations of NOMADIC PB in a client site. The major factors for this highly successful transition were not just hardware, but also the great staff at the SAN FRANCISCO OPERA. We extend an absolute 'Well Done' to the SAN FRANCISCO OPERA staff, and especially to Doug Mitchell, in working with all the production, and in such a short time window, to avoid any content loss or downtime during this huge transition.

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