Network Disk Recorder NDR/VTR Product Family

GVS is continually developing and manufacturing 12G 8K, 4K, and uncompressed RAW HD 1080p SDI Digital Disk recorders (DDR), the most cost-effective, and rugged recording systems. These DDRs utilize a high-capacity, secure media storage-based on regress selection hard disk and SSD with hardware uncompressed 10-bit, 12-bit 3890c/4450c simple browser controlled management to record K8 and 4K digital video and 16-channel audio with simple VTR-like controller, both locally or remotely (master or slave control). The GVS9000 DDR series of recorders represent an alternative to more traditional systems, and provide edit NETWORK capabilities with quality that is unavailable to other recorders without the need to convert or transfer files. Take footage directly from the camera without any compression algorithm - from CCD or CMOS Ultra-High Def 23.94-10,000 fps RAW digital, Cineon, Quicktime, DNxHD, ProRes, ProRes HQ, ProRes 4444, and other native file formats on to disk, or over the high-speed shared network storage media.

The GVS9000 VTRs, typically include provisions for digital capture, mixing, Pre-Read, Post-Read and processing of the uncompressed RAW video signal from 12G, 8K, and 4K film resolution (10-bit, 12-bit etc. color depth during full motion), with proxy files for editing during recording onto a single Nomadic storage line that is being shared over the Gigabit or 10Gbit and 100Gbit network access in real-time, your film quality material is available to edit in real-time without any file transfer or conversion, just as if you captured your material on your edit station, no matter where your edit stations are or what software you are using, e.g. Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, and BMD easy to adopt.

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