Grande Vitesse Systems GVS9000 1XU Pro VTR/DDR Uncompressed to DV

GVS9000 VTR 4K Digital Disk Recorder DDR/VTR


• Frame Accurate capture at 4K, 2K, HD 1080/60p, uncompressed playback and record.

• Automatic timestamps of captured files from LTC feed or RP188.

• RS422, GVS9000VTR Controls, and TCP/IP.

• GPI control from telecine controller.

• Fibre Channel, or 10 Gigabit network, and dual Gigabit recording volumes.

• Automatic file naming.

• Automatic embedding of Quicktime metadata for later identification.


•Easily integrated solution for making Real Time footage automatically available on your network. Also available
as a stand alone unit. Storage for viewing, editing, effects and finishing without having to transfer or format.

•Media file is immediately available to post-production.

•Save money on materials and time, creating your entire digital footage deliverable in the highest quality, using a fraction of the time and costs.

•Uncompressed record with simultaneous, slow-mo playback while generating compressed proxy in full resolution.

•GVS9000 VTR delivers the world of tapeless workflow.

Ingest and Playback in a 1U:
4K 2K HD 1080/60p Uncompressed
Playback & Record

Supported Cameras

• ARRI • Panavision Genesis
• Toshiba • Phantom
• GVCAM Pro 4K Rec Uncompressed • RED
• Ikegami • Sony
• Panasonic • Thomson Grass Valley

• All Cameras with HD-SDI HDMIOutput

Available options include:
• 4K 3840x2160 and 4096x2160 Playback Record Uncompressed
• Simultaneous Ingest and Playback 2K
• Sequenced and Time Delay Playback
• Advanced Scheduling
• Integrated Video Media Browser
• 10-bit HD Rec/Playback 1billion color
• 16-channel Digital SDI Video AES audio

• Supports 4xHD-SDI 3Gb/s Interface
• Remote Network or Wi-fi Control
• Optical Fibre Channel or 10Gb/s Connectivity to Storage media
• Supports uncompressed 4K, 2K and HD 1080/60p / optional compressed codec to select.
• Captures and plays back uncompressed 8-bit, 10-bit, and 12-bit digital video

• High definition (SMPTE292M), (SMPTE296M)
high definition (SMPTE 372M) (SMPTE 424M)
• 48kHz and 96KHz digital audio in standard definition (SMPTE 259M)
• Convert between 4K, 2K, HD 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 formats for single link HD-SDI, DVI, HDMI, and Analog output

GVSGVS9000 VTR 6XU Pro 2K with 3 record and 3 play channel

GVS9000VTR Controller Pro (HD SDI In/out & touch screen)

GVS9000 VTR 4K Records The Highest Quality Digital Video

GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro forms an excellent Telecine recorder for one-light transfers. It supports all the highest quality video capture, and variable frame rates. GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro connects to telecine controllers using a simple GPI switch closure interface, fed an LTC feed by the telecine system, which provides an accurate timestamp within the recorded movie, to ensure straightforward crash-record control. Alternatively, the unit can connect via GVS hardware option interface for pseudo-insert recording.

In a color-grading setup, GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro provides an excellent, uncompressed, Dual Link HD recorder/player which is compatible with devices such as Pandora Pogle, allowing multiple uncompressed passes through the grader. It has been tested as a RS422 controlled player with DaVinci, Smoke, Lustre and Pogle system.

For online storage, the GVS9000 VTR 4K is designed to work with the latest Nomadic and other Shared storage product technologies. Connect via fibre channel or 10Gbit to the Nomadic 12xPro, Nomadic 4U or GVS9000 VTR certified storage media. A complete solution from ingest, storage, edit to film in a single format with a wide range of post-production workflow options. The GVS9000 VTR 4K reduces the time required to capture footage and offers real-time playback at various speeds.

Eliminate tape transfers using real-time technology without rendering video effects to disk. - The GVS9000 VTR 4K saves 2 HOURS of transfer time per hour of material, allowing audio/video post to immediately start working against new cut, while video is being captured.

•Start editing in Final Cut Pro, Avid, or other editing applications while additional material is being captured.
GVS9000VTR 4K Pro Capture can perform very long captures without stopping incoming video 3840x2160. 4K and 4096x2160 with audio.
GVS9000VTR 4K Pro offers synchronization of all the input and output ports.
Easy integration with remote control via third party controllers i.e. SonyP2, VDCP, and Odetics protocols supported by a number of manufacturers.
Wide choice of Video Output formats 4K psf 23.98, 4K psf 24, 4K psf 25, 4K 23.98p 4K 24p 4K 25p playback in both YCbCr and RGB.
Multi machine lock immediately after pressing play, no slowing period, multi- machine synchronized playback as well as TCP/IP network interface.
Audio and video sync tools
Automatically chases output, for multiple video media with frame accuracy
GVS9000VTR 4K Pro can also be used for basic sub-clip logging, using a highly responsive 9000VTR Control jog shuttle controller.
Multiple sources of QuickTime ProRes, DPX, JPEG, DNxHD material can be played back in sync, without transferring to another medium.
GVS9000VTR 4K Pro configuration is extremely flexible, supporting almost any setup you may ever need. Sync to external TC, generate timecode, manual control with jog shuttle wheel, even run GVS9000VTR 4K units off a multi-machine Sony 9-pin synchronizer.
GVS9000VTR 4K Pro units can be easily ganged together for multi-camera environments, and automatic file naming and embedding of identification metadata makes life even easier for video editors.
Time stamped QuickTime movies recorded with GVS9000VTR 4K Pro with EDL information can easily be transported to DaVincy, Spirit, Lustre, Smoke, Avid, and FCP, and many more.

GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro recording is a discreet, timestamped QuickTime movie. The telecine controller can perform insert records (to start a timecode - fed crash record in GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro), you can use GVS hardware option 9-pin interface which presents a 'pseudo-insert capable' RS422 interface to your telecine controller, and converts this to crash record and LTC to GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro. By presenting Quicktime movies created in your video graphics department as a 9-pin controllable video deck, on air loading systems can upload material straight from GVS9000VTR 4K Pro just as if it were controlling digi-beta. Using this technique saves time and money since no transfers to tape are required, and there is no physical delivery from department to department. The video graphics artist no longer needs to have an expensive tape deck.

Part Number Model Number SD/HD SDI Input HD SDI Output SDI Audio RS422 Interface Audio AES XLR * Total Storage HDMI Out
GM14K1X502DB02 GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro 4 4 16 1 8-ch 2 hrs/ch. 1
GM14K1X522DB04 GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro 4 4 16 1 8-ch 4 hrs/ch. 1
GM14K14X524B07 GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro 7 56 56 112 7 14-ch 1 hrs/ch. 7
GM14K1X522DV04 GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro 4xDVI 4xDVI 4 1 4-ch 2 hrs/ch. 1
GM14K2X524DB06 GVS9000 VTR 4K Pro 4xHDMI 4xHDMI 4 7 14-ch 2 hrs/ch. 1
GVS9000VTR 4K Pro Nomadic1U12xPro Storage calculated based on 10Gb/s Video Recording Rate. Max uncompressed 4K option (This numbers are estimate only)

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