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9000 2XU 422 VTR Compact Rugged Recorder and Playback Server Uncompressed RAW to MPEG2 SD HD SDI 720p, 1080i/p 4:2:2

The GVS9000 2XU 422 VTR integrated media server delivers the highest broadcast quality video with mission-critical reliability in a convenient and cost-effective package. GVS 2XU 422 combines single video channels, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with hardware level secure RAID storage in a compact 2U rack space.

By leveraging the GVS9000 architecture, the 2XU 422 VTR is immediately deployable with GVS Video Tools productivity software for ingest, playout, and delay serving, 1%-10K% playback frame, and over a hundred third-party automation and production applications. Built for Broadcast like the 9000 line of media servers, 2XU 422 VTR is optimized to satisfy the demanding reliability and performance requirements of broadcast operations.

Unlike media servers that rely on PC computing platforms and operating systems such as Windows, the GVS 2XU 422 system is engineered to satisfy the highly focused needs of the broadcast industry, rather than general-purpose computing. For example, the operating system resides in removable Solid State Disk (SSD) memory ensuring rapid boot up and eliminating the risks associated with system drive failures while providing security to RAW content.

GVS9000 2XU 422 VTR options:

- SMPTE 259, SMTPE 292, SMTPE 296, SMTPE 424M, SMTPE N10
- Solid State Drive Configuration
- Simultaneous ingest and play-back option
- 3G SD, HD SDI, 4:2:2i/p, 1080p50/60 PsF options
- Analog HD and SD out, YPbPr, RGB
- Hardware capability HD to SD
- RS-422 9-pin direct camera control or by Da Vinci, Smoke, Telecine and others.
- Genlock and Reference video (loop)
- 8-channel AES/EBU audio option
- 96kHz or 48kHz 24-bit digital audio
- Real-time Preview during recording
- Multiple 2XU 422 VTR Recording and playback from single storage
- Record multiple units to single storage - Queue 24/7 with delay playback option
- Playback uncompressed QuickTime, Windows Media, HDV, DVCPro, H.264, ProRes 422 HQ, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or DV

- Uncompressed 4:2:2 recording RAW native QuickTime, DPX, JPEG, Cineon with exceptional image quality ( CODECS )
- Direct edit from Hot-Swap SATA disk
- Advanced Scheduling
- Integrated video media browser (VMB)
- Remote WEB iPhone Control
- Fiber channel w/GVSAN
- VDCP automation control option
- Start playback while recording
- Preview footage on HD or SD monitor during recoding or playback
- Proxies generated option
- Transport content to queue during playback
- Graphic over lay on Vide, Matte or Frame
- Slow Motion Playback option
- Multiple Sync Playback
- Supported Broadcast Station ingest playback with direct camera RAW Uncompressed REC.

Uncompressed recording 4:2:2 1080p 23.98 up to:

1080i/p HD 1920x1080 ifram SDI



16xHD Live


The GVS9000 2XU 422 includes 4 internal hot-swappable enterprise-class SATAII disk drives for content storage, local internal ingest and playback. It supports single channels of 10-bit Uncompressed RAW HD for the high-definition video I/O at up to 1,400 Mbps, or standard-definition video I/O at up to 100 Mbps, while at the same time handling IP-based file transfer traffic in and out of the system. Video I/O modules and redundant power supplies are also hot-swappable providing uninterrupted operation.

Video Format Flexibility: GVS 2XU 422 VTR offers mounting space and power for up to twelve independent I/O modules which provide video encoding and decoding. GVS 2XU 422 I/O modules currently include a one channel HD/SD SDI unit and two HD/SD SDI output channels. There are a variety of combinations of I/O modules allowing any of the server types of HD/SD ingest and playback, mixed format, mixing HD and SD modules, and selection or change at any given time during the operation without down time.

The use of Fibre Channel RAID storage ensures that the system continues to operate at the speed of 3Gbit/sec, even in the event of the simultaneous failure of any number of the disk drives. In addition, the 2XU422 VTR offers Dual Fibre Channel connectivity allowing media transfer of 4Gbit/sec Fibre speed as well as connectivity to a standard SAN storage. The 1XU 12xPro offers an optional 12 external drives.

Having the Dual Fibre Channel provides flexibility for broadcast and video production studios, allowing ingested content to be stored in a centralized location without having to move data in between media servers. This allows for greater productivity and reliability while also offering extreme cost savings.

Another key feature of the 2XU 422 VTR is the ability to edit during ingest, allowing editors to be extremely productive. For example, during live events, since the content is being edited in real time, you always have access to the latest material.

Other Features:
GPIB Trigger • Crash record and Deck control • Scheduled Record • Playlist Scheduling • Advanced Disk Search • Master Slave Link • Simple expansion or removal of internal storage • rugged Field approved unit • Video Media Server • 100% 9000 compatibility • Robust, well-proven architecture • Compact physical size.

GVS 90002XU 422 VTR is designed with the latest technology of the 9000 family product line but uses the same time-proven, robust code base as GVS9000 VTR Product and works out of the box with a large number of 3rd party applications supported by other 9000 systems, including automation, editors, archiving systems, and GVS Application Tools.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for asynchronous playback or file transfer and support of FTP, SMB and the Apple® File Sharing Protocol, provides simple, standardized file movement techniques for all your MPEG and web streaming projects, even areas in production that don't have Fibre access. Even the smallest broadcast and programming operations can implement the server-based ingest and playout operations or sophisticated file-based workflows in RAW Uncompressed or a broad range of compressed video formats.

By delivering this high level of performance in a fully integrated system, GVS 2XU 422 establishes a new line of the highest quality, compact, versatile, professional grade, multi-channel media servers.

Part number
Hot-swap drives
HD/SD SDI in/output
1080i/p <--> SD
SDI audio channel
Max storage
AES /analog audio XLR
HD/SD analog component interface

RS422 9pin master /slave

HD/SD Genlock
Rack space U
4GB Fiber Int.

Edit while REC

Generate proxies while REC
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