The GVS90002U Enterprice Server and Workstation delivers essential features for rugged environmental application, such as rugged rack system in marketplace by offering a superior level of support demanded by Airline, Melitiry, Media, Medical, and Mobile equipment requirement for supports Intel® Pentium3, 4, Dual Xeon/Xeon EM64T, Itaniume2, as well as AMD Athlon and Opteron processors, with Hyper-Threading Technology and contains Server System Infrastructure (SSI) components for power, reliability, and flexibility.
1. Random Read Test Result 2. Random Write Test Result
3. Sequential Write Test Result 4. Sequential Read Test Result
Nomadic massive internal storage gives incredible test results from above with G5 rack-optimized 2U enclosure delivering up to 1-4TB and one of the highest performance data accesses available today.
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GVS9000 Intel P4 Aluminum Rackmount  System
GVS9000 2U P4 Opteron Xeon AGP 8X Graphics Rugged Battlefield Management Rack Workstation Server
GVS9000 2U Dual Xeon w/ 1MB L3 Cache and 8X AGP
GVS9000 2U Rack Dual Xeon or AMD Opteron Render Farm Machine
GVS9000 2u Intel Dual Itanium2 w/ RAID Storage Rugged Rack
GVS9000 2U Rack Dual Xeon or AMD Opteron Render Farm Machine
Nvidia Quadro FX 4600 5500 3400 Product Comparison AGP8X and PCIExpress for GVS9000 Xeon AMD Intel PowerPC Product Line