GVS9000 G5 G4 Product Over view
Choose your GVS9000 PowerPC G5 Dual or Quad CPU
Up to Dual 2.5GHz PowerPC G5
Up to 16GB of DDR2
Up to 1.25GHz frontside bus
3x PCI-e
16x PCI-e graphics
16xSuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
Up to 16 SATA HD, 8TB internal
6x400 & 1x800 FireWire interface
Six USB ports interface
2xGB•T up to 8GB•T optional
Digital audio & analog audio in/out
Liquid cooling
Lockable secure door
Foldable rack handle
12 controlled cooling fan
Air Filtering System
Drive bays are shock & vibration control
Optional redundant power supply
Up to 16x300GB 2GB Fibre storage
Up to 16x500GB SATA2 Storage
Up to 16x300GB U320
GVS9000G5 Over View
GVS9000G5 in Black

GVS9000 4NXU Quad-core PowerPC G5 PCI-e with 12TB Hot-Swap Internal Hardware RAID Storage Option
GVS9000 4XU Quad-core PowerPC G5 PCI-e with 4.5TB Storage Rugged Rack
GVS90004U PowerPC Dual G5 PCI-X 6TB RAID Storage Option
GVS90004U PowerPC Dual G4 PCI 4TB Storage RAID
GVS9000 4XUI Eight_Core Intel Xeon OS X Rack Ruggied Base Worksation