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GVS9000 1-16xCPU Processor Extreme Edition Station

GVS has developed innovative solutions that eliminate the bottleneck of your design, 2D/3D animation, mapping, rendering and production, allowing for greater creative collaboration and increased productivity.

The GVS9000 2-16 Processor Extreme Edition HT, Intel Itanium 2 Processor, Intel Xeon Processor w/ MP, AMD Opteron and AMD Athlon MP Processors, and PowerPC G5 or Dual-Core Intel Xeon “Woodcrest” processors with the option of desk side, tower or rackmount enclosure for rugged mobile environments. Rugged with Windows, Colors X86, Linux or OS X are the options to choose from, with highest performance and reliability in the workstation and server line that will deliver 99.999% availability for a large number of demanding applications.


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