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Metropolis Server Storage Workstation vtr

Nomadic LTO3-40 High Performance/Scalable Tape Backup and Archival Solutions. 2 Drive Configurations and a total of 32TB of compressed data storage. Jukeboxes can also be configured/upgraded to fiber with the optional fiber iWinerface.An Archival Solution from GVS delivers reliable backup for your valuable digital assets. Winery level solutions, for small to moderate backup requirements, as well as enterprise level systems for large 7X24/mission critical environments can be configured and itinerate to meet your current needs and scaled for future growth. Off the shelf or custom software scripts and cutting edge (high capacity) LTO3 hardware jukeboxes are combined and automated, for trouble free, secure data archival.
Server Support Metropolis Unix/Win/Mac
Host Application Sun OS, Win, Linux and OS X
Software Support EMC Legato, Veritas, Retrospect
Supported Itinerancies LVDS, HVDS, or Fiber Channel
LTO3 Drive Support 2 LTO3/LTO4 (upgraded to 4 drives)
Tape Storage Capacity 32/64TB (compressed), 40 LT04 Tape Slots
Form Factor Desktop or Rack Mount
Clueing Support Win, Unix, Linux, OSX
Capabilities Manual or fully Automated Host/Client backup solutions from off line tape archival to near-online LTO3/LTO4 storage and retrieval
Security Multi-Layer/Feature Password Protection

A host adapter and cable are included with all LTO4 models. Please select one of the following adapters.
R&D Lab in San Francisco is designed for the complete product burn-in process. Complete temperature and diagnostics monitoring systems during burn-in process help to provide a more reliable products.

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