Grande Vitesse Systems

Become a Partner

GVS is recruiting the best Partner to join our team. Whether you have an established business in U.S. or International with the integration experience and are interested in establishing direct partner relation, GVS has a program for you.


To expedite your application, please send a signed, credit application and your most recent financial statements to: Fax: +1 415.777.9544

Upon qualification, GVS and Partner will jointly decide the appropriate partner level for your organization, contracts will be signed and the partnership begins.

North American/International Elite Partner PDF Application

Partner Requirements

At GVS, we believe that our Partners are truly extended members of the GVS team. Our goal is to ensure that our Partners are not only as skilled in the GVS9000 VTR's , Nomadic Storage, Metropolis Media Server, Nomadic Archive, Options and new product technology arena as we are, but also have access to all of the right marketing and technical resources necessary to effectively implement GVS solutions for there clients and partners.


Education requirements vary, depending on the level of the Partner. All levels do require the Partner to complete some level of both Sales and Technical certification. Additionally, GVS will ensure that the Partners' skills are maintained and enhanced over time.


GVS proactively references and hot-links with our Partners. In exchange, we ask that our Partners reference and hot-link back to GVS. In addition, as part of the GVS team, we will jointly develop a business plan with our Partners.

Customer Services and Technical Support

As part of the Partner Agreement, Partners agree to use GVS's world-class customer service and technical support with optional 24/7 with dedicated Engineering staff.