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Metropolis Managed Storage Solution (M2S2) easily integrates into your existing environment and provides a comprehensive storage functionality with five product families that are augmented by consulting, education/training, and support services:

Application Editions are integrated into the Metropolis solution offering high availability and performance enhancements for mission critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, Sybase, File/Video Serving, and Web Serving.

Backup, HSM, and GVS DAM (digital asset management) products ensure that critical data is backed up, stored, and readily available when needed - no matter where it is used and how long it is held.

Nomadic NAS/SAN/ RAID products provide essential on line-disk and file management capabilities, allowing on-line reconfiguration of disks and volumes.

Metropolis Clustering allows for proactive application-level availability management for local and wide area multi-node cluster configurations on Mac, W2K, OS10, Linux and Unix.

Storage Resource Management applications deliver effective automation, availability, and management capabilities for monitoring, tuning, optimizing, and planning of both hardware and software storage resources.

GVS 24/7 Support, Consulting, and Training services provide a broad range of customer assistance aimed at providing extra skills and expertise to Metropolis enterprise customers when and where they need it.

What is a cluster solution and why implement it?