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Metropolis Cluster Video Server

Metropolis' Cluster Video Server is an architecture-independent availability management solution focused on proactive management of service groups (application services). It is equally applicable in simple shared disk and Starnet SAN (storage area network) configurations of up to 32 servers and compatible with single server, parallel, and distributed applications. Cascading and multi-directional application failover is supported and application services can also be manually migrated to alternative servers for maintenance purposes. A Java-based management GUI provides a single point of administration for multiple Metropolis Cluster server clusters. Metropolis Cluster server provides a comprehensive availability management solution designed to minimize both planned and unplanned down time.

On-line storage management tools such as Metropolis Volume Manager and File System provide various data availability options as well as allowing common administrative tasks to be performed without shutting off client access to the data.

Metropolis Data Replicator can replicate data between multiple nodes and multiple sites to support disaster recovery and replicated application environments.

Implementing cluster or availability management solutions is done with a single goal in mind: to reduce the impact of downtime on business operations. To maximize availability, a comprehensive approach that addresses potential failures and potential administrative causes of downtime should be utilized. GVS provides an end-to-end storage management solution that protects availability from the point of data creation, through storage and use, to backup and offsite archiving. Integration points (with the Metropolis Cluster Server) all along this "data life cycle" for all of GVS' products, keep

s data available, so that application services can remain available.


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