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Nomadic LTO-4 1,600GB Compressed Storage Supported Software For Final Cut Pro and AVID w/Fibre Channel Interface

Nomadic and Mezzo for Final Cut Pro and AVID is an automated, project-based, data management storage solution. In terms of time saved, disasters averted, and headaches prevented, there's no data management solution like it. Whether it's non-linear video, digital audio, animation, or film editing, all digital media systems have one thing in common: custom file formats that link hundreds, sometimes thousands, of separate media files in one main project document. Generic backup programs can't handle these special formats, but NomadicLTO-4 1,600GB Compressed capacity with 800GB Native Archival life 30 years 1,000,000 head passes's, tape length 820m, operating temperature 50 degree max 113 degree, with Mezzo can. Mezzo scans for everything that's linked to a project-all the video, audio & fade files, transitions, special effects-and backs it all up, even over a network.

Key Features

• Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer and AVID Support

With Nomadic LTO-4 and Mezzo, backing up a project or bin is as simple as dragging and drop in to a Nomadic LTO network drive onto Mezzo database - Mezzo will search for all related video, audio, effects, graphics, etc. and transfer them onto archiving media, even if the files are spread across multiple Nomadic storage devices. Afterwards, Mezzo continues to track these special file types throughout each editing session. Every time a project or bin is saved software scans for any changes, such as transitions that were generated or new bins that were created, and adds any of these items to it's database for backup.

Restoring a complex project is just as easy as backing one up: simply drag it from Mezzo's database and drop it onto the desktop. Mezzo will restore the last-backed-up version of every file connected to the project, even placing them back in their original folders. If all you need to restore is a single file, there's only one step involved: just drag it and drop it where you want it. In every case, the software makes the job of managing the daily flow of data through your Final Cut Pro and AVID editing system a simple and intuitive process.

• Full Background Operation

All backing up, restoring, and verifying of data is done in the background, so editors can continue working without interruption. That's right - backup any project while editing (even one that's currently open), or restore files without the need to schedule computer down-time. No more clients waiting for hours; no more lost data because there wasn't time to backup.

Mezzo runs behind the scenes, keeping your system available for work at all times. To avoid sluggishness, Mezzo monitors the Final Cut Pro and AVID application for times when it needs all of the computer's bandwidth for playing, recording, or the processing of transitions and video effects - if backup or restore transfers are under way, Mezzo will automatically pause to give the Final Cut Pro and AVID system complete access to the CPU. No hiccups or delays, just smooth sailing. Most people even forget that Mezzo is active while they're working!

• Intuitive User Interface

Mezzo's interface is elegant and easy to-use, from drag and drop file backup and restore, to the colored tab sections that organize your data. Various lighted buttons and meters provide information at a glance about the status of data transfers - clicking on them reveals detail such as transfer rate, media capacity, and more.

Mezzo also helps you to manage your data with it's intuitively-designed search engine: integrated right into the main window are controls to filter through the entire Mezzo database and selectively display its contents. This streamlined approach makes it easy to quickly locate any project that's ever passed through your system, so you'll spend less time searching for data and have more time for getting the job done.

• Dynamic Restore

This advanced feature is activated when you restore an Final Cut Pro and AVID project or bin - Mezzo will first attempt to disburse files back to their original location, but if there is not enough space available, Mezzo will re-distribute the remaining files onto other volumes. If there are volumes that you don't want touched, Mezzo can be directed to restore files to specific hard drives while making sure to avoid others. For users with complex, multi-volume systems this is a tremendous time-saver when restoring projects with files that are spread across a number of Nomadic storage devices.

• Simultaneous Transfers Using Multiple Devices

Another feature unique to Nomadic LTO-4 and Mezzo is the ability to transfer data using multiple archiving devices at the same time, even ones with different tape formats (AIT, DLT, LTO, SAS, etc.) For example, one Nomadic LTO-4 device could be backing up a project while the other is restoring files from 2nd LTO-4 drive for the next edit session. Or, make safety copies alongside a master backup, cutting your archiving time in half!

• High-Speed Transfer Rates

software's data transfer rates are the fastest in the industry - generic backup solutions can't transfer data to and from today's generation of archiving devices anywhere near the speed of Nomadic and software. Fine-tune for the large video files an Final Cut Pro and AVID user typically works with, Mezzo is capable of moving complex projects on and off of your Nomadic storage devices at the upper limits of any supported backup drive's non-compressed data rate.

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