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GVS has developed innovative solutions fro Broadcast Industries that eliminate the bottleneck of production, allowing for greater creative collaboration and increased productivity.

GVS introduces a line of high performance workstations, media server that will suit the most demanding digital professional. Our rugged workstations are designed for wide array of protools and HD and SD applications.

This upgrade option offers revision control for increased life cycle, and dedicated engineering support with optional 24/7. These combined benefits, custom manufacturing, on time delivery and low cost of ownership to customers are just a few of the benefits of working with GVS.

  GVS9000-HD 4.4.4. 12-bit HD & SD System
  GVS VTR (4:4:4) (4:2:2) 10-bit Uncompresed HD or SD
  GVS90002U PowerPC G5 18" deep for mobile System
  GVS90002U AMD System
  GVS90004U PowerPC G5 Rack
  GVS9000 4U High Speed Edit
  GVS9000 Media Server for TV Station   Media Server for HD and SD Video and Audio 192KHz HD 48 layer

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